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? urgency of Lupron therapy

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My Dad is 86. He's very active and totally independent; works 1/2 days 6 days a week, had a 78-year old girlfriend, goes to the beach, fishing, to the casino, lives alone in his own home, etc. He had a prostatectomy 18 years ago and over the past 6 months, his PSA went from 12.6 to 30 (we just found out last week). The doctor suggested a bone scan and Lupron. We met with the doctor on Wednesday to discuss treatment and side effects. Then we repeated Dad's PSA and he had a bone scan today.

The PSA is 28, the bone scan was normal except for an area of "activity" in his right anterior iliac wing (pelvic bone). Dad is having no symptoms and our plan is to do Intermittent Androgen Suppression (IAS) with Lupron. My question now is, do we start the Lupron now or wait until later in the summer in order to preserve the quality of his life by delaying possible side effects until the colder time of the year when he's less active anyway or start now and risk possible adverse effects during the warm months when he is usually most active? This is the question that we are mulling over now. Thanks for your input. Keith

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Hi Keith,
I'd be interested in what some of your local doictors say about your question.We have a person in our support group,with no symptoms, who has chosen to wait on therapy.He has a psa of 60 or so & seems fine with the decision but I'd want to know some other opinions if it were me. As I've told you I've been on Lupron for the past year without any problems with side effects & know personally another fellow who has been on for 5 years & is fine.

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Guess I have a couple of questions more than answer?
Your dad is 86. Is that influencing his doctors recommendation?
At 86 your dad may be more interested in quality of life IF in fact this new situtation is a threat?
Last trip to my doctor, he also indicated that Lupron is a help in bone pain when the cancer has spread to the bones? Does he have any pain associated with any of this?
Benji & (I know) many seniors 75+ that are on Lupron without any side effects but, everyone is different.
Was the cancer your dad had aggressive or slow growing???? May have a real impact on decision to delay? I personally would be more interested in having many more warm summers to enjoy if this treamtent would have that affect on me personally verse delay for the benefit of one summer? Especially if I were in great health otherwise. Doctor can tell you how agressive his cancer was.
Sorry not to be able to give you an answer but hopefully we have offered some thought provoking quesitons that will lead your dad to get more definitive answers (opinion) from his personal physician.
Keep in touch.

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Hello I am a new user and I just started today......I was reading you message and I cannot say I feel your same pain.....but I am there for you....You asked a question about starting Lupron or waiting....well I think you should start now....only because if you wait any longer.....he may not get any better. This is just my opinion......Please write me back whenever you would like too! I just wanna let you know I am here for you!!!

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Sarah, just have to ask being it is very unusual to have a lady onboard? Can / will you share some info. with us as to your situtation, cancer survivor, spouse, nurse or ....?? Either way, welcome aboard. The more points of view from other perspectives can be helpful and thought provoking.

Knowing a little more about your background would most likely make the other members feel more comfortable and if we can help you or a family member we too would like to know.

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