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My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer (stage IV) in May 2002. He had one spot on his liver. Everything was removed during surgery. Then, he underwent chemo for a year (4 weeks on and 2 weeks off). I believe he was on campostar. In December 2003, he had a clean pet scan and normal CEA levels. As of March 2004, his CEA level has increased (it is now 8) and according to a recent CT Scan there is a spot on his liver. I believe that his CEA level was 9 prior to surgery. According to the oncologist, it could be one of two things. If it is cancerous, he believes that it most likely is operable. So far, our oncologist has been right at every turn. Following surgery, he would undergo six more months of chemo (new regiment). If not, we are okay. He will have a PET scan on Tuesday (3/16/04) and get the results on Thursday. According to the oncologists, most people who survive this form of cancer, usually have a recurrence at least once during the 5 year period. Has this happened to anyone else? I need any information that I can get. Thanks!!! I am trying to get my dad to participate in postings but that is tuff right now.

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My husband was dx colon cancer stage 4 in March 2003. Several lymph nodes and spots on liver. He was treated 5FU and LU plus camptosar (18 treatments. (same as your dad, 4 weeks on and 2 weeks off) He was scanned and was clear for 45 days. His recurrence return in Dec. 2003. CEA 24.9 and spots back on his liver. He has just finish a 6 treatments (55 hours of continuous treatment consisting of oxaliplatin, plus 5FU
and LU - 10 days off between treatments.) He will be scanned March 19 for the results. Our onc. told us that oxaliplatin is the first line treatment for colon cancer now. I believe you have received good news if it is operable. They have told us that my hubby's is unoperable at the present time. They removed the tumor from his colon, but said the liver is inoperable. I think it is wonderful that you are giving your Dad this support. We have only one son, and his heart is broken to see his Dad in this condition. Hugs and Prayers, Schoolgirl Yvonne

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j -

How did the test come out? Should we crack open a celebratory bottle of Jamesons?

- SB

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Well, went to the oncologist yesterday. According to the PET scan, there are two suspicious spots on the liver and one on the colon. About the colon, there was something there last April (2003) and we had a colonoscopy (no problem). This same spot on the colon was there on the December 2003 PET. Oncologists is not sure about this but is not worried. Possibly a cyst or something on the outside of the colon since the colonoscopy only looks on the inside. We will see the surgeon on 3/24. Oncologists thinks the spots are operable but will not commit. Must wait to hear what the surgeon has to say. Following surgery (I know it will happen), my dad will be back on chemo (oxil??) for six months. Has anyone experienced this?

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