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new to ostomy

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my 86 year old mother underwent her second "emergency" surgery for colon cancer last month - and this time came out of the hospital with a permanent ostomy - as well as Xeloda chemo to reduce the 2 "very small" malignant nodules remaining on the colon. She seems to the coping with everything fairly well....except the apparently enormous amount of gas being created each day by her system - we're still trying to find the "right" ostomy bag combo for her needs, and the current set doesn't have a membrane that leaks the gas out, so she's having to "burp" her bag many times a day - is this normal in a new ostomy - or perhaps a side effect of the xeloda? any thoughts - and any thoughts on a good bag combo to use? I'd like to make htis a 'painless' as possible for her.


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