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Bladder cancer metasthesized

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I am a 54 year old woman with history of bladder cancer. Carcinoma in citu. Treated with BCG and we thought it was gone. Two years later, now, I have a huge tumor in my kidney, smaller one in my lung, cancer has broken one of my vertebra, and chewed up one of my ribs. Currently getting cysplatin and gemzar. Anyone with similar experience? I feel sick most of the time, could use some encouragement from others who have had similar problems. Thank you.

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Sorry. Where do you go for check ups and treatments? I am a 51 year old female. I am checked every three to six months at the Mayo clinic. I have transitional cell carsonoma. I was first diagnosed in 1998. I have had 20 surgeries and or procedures and two chemos.

They have removed my right kidney, bladder, tumor in left lung. I could go on. Currently I am cancer free.


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Hi, you answered to my email on the msg board r.e uretero sigmoidostomy , I would like to know how you find the operation because my experience of it is very poor.my email address is juliemoroney@hotmail.com if you would like to get in touch thanks.

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I am a 51 year old woman with stage IV bladder cancer. I was first diagnosed with carcinoma in situ in 1999. I am currently going to complete radiation and then go for the surgery. I had a complete remission for 2 1/2 years and then it returned in my uterus. Thus the need to do the cystectomy. Don't let my course discourage you, instead let it encourage you. Just be sure once your treatment is completed you stay on top of things. And try and keep a positive attitude through all this. The sickness well pass and soon you well be back on your feet again. The thing you have to do is trust your doctors and believe that miracles do happen. Another thing is to do the research!! You can and should be in charge of your treatment. If you would like to email me it would be fine. I also email several other people that have cancer of one sort or another. It really helps to have the support. Hang in there, and know that with determination and faith in God we can do anything.

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I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2001 at age 51 and have suffered through 4 biopsy surgeries. My last cysto in March revealed a reoccurence so I just had TUR done March 31, 2004. Two out of 3 of the tumors were malignant but superficial, grade 1. I took a combo of inteferon and BCG for 6 weeks after my initial surgery and apparently it kept these monsters out from under my bed for nearly two years but they just came back. I am currently seeing a urologist at Emory but am tortured with the thought that I should go to Sloan Kettering or The Mayo Clinic for another opinion. My urologist is just that. I would be much more comfortable if he were a urologic oncologist.
He is not advocating any treatment at this time and that scares me.Please let me know if you have any suggestions. thanks, chemkat

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Hi - I am 48 and was diagnosed with bladder cancer (secondary to internal radiation for cervical cancer) and am being treated at the Winship Cancer Clinic that is part of Emory. They have great doctors and I also see a urologist at Emory Clinic and a urologic oncologist at Emory. I am scheduled to have a urinary diversion tomorrow - Was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2003 - went thru chemo for 6 weeks and every cat scan has come back clean - the urinary diversion is due to scar tissue from the internal radiation for the cervical cancer. Just wanted you to know that there are doctors at Winship clinic that did come from MD Anderson and Mayo clinic - they are great, compassionate and will tell you the whole story (this is controlable - not curable) and encourage second opinions. I like knowing exactly what I am getting into and have found that all the research indicates that he is telling me the truth. Good luck

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