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Hi! I am the chairperson of the Cook College Relay for Life at Rutgers University in NJ... We began this event in 2002 and it has a special meaning to me. Although RFL benefits ACS programs that serve all cancer patients, I personally decided to start a RFL at my school beacuse my grandfather is a 10 year survivor of prostate cancer and I wanted to raise awareness on campus as well as raise money for ACS programs. This year our event is on April 16th and we are in desperate need of Survivors to attend. I think it would be very powerful and moving to have more survivors share personal stories and boost motivation at our event. I think it would also be nice for you all to see the kind of support that our community offers to survivors. We are here for you and we would like to honor you and your fight through our relay. I would appreciate it if anyone who is interested in our event would respond. Not only is it a great cause, but its a lot of fun too, the perfect thing to raise your spirits and to connect with others whose lives have been touched by this disease. Thanks so much for your time!


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    Sounds great, however, I personally would ask that you also provide more data, references and what % of the fund raising is used for cancer programs. We (I) have had many instance of being approached for the purpose of being used. You may want to get the ACN endorsement also. I know time is running out for your RFL but sometimes it is more beneficial for those of us to go slow and be sure that the program being presnted is really on the up & up.
    Good luck and hope to see more data/ contacts/references and etc...