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My brother, support please

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Hello my brother has had a tumor removed this past Friday, we just got path reports and it came out to be malignant. He really needs someone of his own age to talk to because at this point he is very confused and scared.He is 18yrs old If anyone could talk to him who has gone through this would be a great help in any way. I would really appreciate anything Thanks so much

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I am 14, I have not had a tumor, but I have had cancer. I know its hard to get through, But I know you can make it through. If you read the disscussion intitled POEM I know it will give you hope.


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Hi YaYa, sorry to hear about your brother! It's no fun at all and is overwhelming at any age; however, when you are young it can really hit you like a bus. I was 24 when I was diagnosed (26 now). I am sure if your brother makes a post people will respond.

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hi yaya, i'm 18 too. I have ALL though which is Acute Lymphotic Leukemia. Basically my cancer is in my blood. I was diagnosed when i was 9 and now i'm 18 years old 19 in october. I can understand why you're brother is scared even though i've never had a tumor. If he ever wants to talk he can talk to me just reply.. i also have some friends on here who have tumors or had and are his age. I think i can help him if he needs someone to talk to.

see ya later,
be strong


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Hi, there I'm 16 years old and I don't have a tumor but I do have cancer and some other stuff due to the cancer, If your brother wants to talk, im always here, I might not understand completely what he is going through but I can listen and try to understand and give him my support.
please write back

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I am 22 years old and had lung cancer.... I am cancer free as of right now and I know all of this is tough... if u would like ur brother or you can e-mail me at klmst6@rmu.edu.... I am also on the chat alot and everyone in there is supportive and helfull. It is tough because not many understand what it is like to be young and have cancer but fear is a part of life. I really dont know your brothers situation but things do get better and it is very tough. I have had my rough moments and doctors not understanding my situation let alone me. In actuality there is no true explination why anyone gets cancer and the whole why me issue. just remember be strong and that there is a life to be lived so dont let cancer take control of that.... Kristin...

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Hi. i am 16 years old and had cancer (kidney cancer, Wilms tumor) when i was very young. i know that if i had had cancer at this age, it would be much harder to deal with. he can feel free to email me. if you need to talk yourself, thats fine because i know this must be hard on you as well as your bro. dont worry just keep your chin up,


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hello my son has leukemia he is 9. he is doing great.just take one day at a time love to all

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