Chest cold recommendations?

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Hi everyone,
Mom has developed a chest cold, coughing, sneezing, etc. Her temp is still low, but we're having trouble finding a way to deal with this. Over the counter remedies seem to be sapping her strength further, and causing her to be constipated (while on 5FU and Leucovorin!). What has worked for you?


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    Hello, I am not sure about the chest cold thing. Her immune system is probably knocked down. Is she taking her vitamins and eating well? As for the constipation, I would bet $100 its the anti-nausea meds they give her at the time of the chemo that is causing it. When I was on chemo I took Sennokot. It is pretty mild and helped relieve the "rabbit pellets". She should take it every night at bedtime and she'll feel much better in the morning. As for the cold, she may just have to ride it out and eat lots of chicken soup and warm baths (they simulate a fever which can sometimes kick a cold), plus it feels good to sit in a warm bath! Good luck, and seriously, try the Sennokot.
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    Hi sricar
    I too use senncot stool softener I used to take 2 but now I have take three, there is also miralax
    which can help also you can mix it in anything no taste, and it probably is the anti nausea meds that are doing itthere are certain fruits and juices that will make her constipated. Make sure she drinks plenty of water. Hope she feels better soon.
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    I've got a good suggestion,,have her ask her doctor first though.Try cold-eeze..Its a lozenge that has zinc in it it helped me get over a cold in four days.I wasn't on chemo at the time so make sure its okay first.It really worked good for me..Good luck I hope it works

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    here's a link to a food chart that allows you to
    select foods that either soften or firm stool.
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    Ahoy, Sondra -

    Watch the cold. Being on chemo zaps your autoimmune system and a simple cold can become something really bad, really quickly.

    I have a cold now, too, and I slathered down my chest with Vicks Vapo-Rub last night and pulled on an old sweatshirt over it. Like the hot baths, it simulates a fever. It helps if you like the smell of menthol!

    As for the constipation, there are meds your doc can give you to loosen things up. I have found that carrot juice works really well at getting things moving (Oh jeez... I'm starting to sound like Emily!)

    Just watch that fever really closely.

    - SB
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    I can sympathize. I just got a cold a few weeks ago while on oxaliplatin/Xeloda. I felt pretty lousy for a week. Unfortuantely, there is not lots to do to treat a virus other than the symptomatic stuff but I have not had a go with zinc lozenges. Like Sponge Bob said, it is important to watch carefully that a cold does not progress to something tougher- a bacterial sinus infection, or pneumonia.

    Drinking lots of fluids is important so that secretions stay watery and are easier to cough up. Dehydration can also contribute to constipation. Also it is important to keep eating. Despite everything I lost about 4 lb before I was done with my cold and am still struggling to gain back.