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Lost someone to multiple myeloma

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Hi, I saw the site on an ad and considering I lost my grandfather to mm, I thought it would be nice to join the site. It has been about 8 years since my grandfather passed away and I know that it is hard for people not only to deal with, but even harder if you have it. If anyone wants to talk because they have a loved one going through it, I can help.

My grandfather started feeling bad and they took him to the hosital. After a few tests they concluded that he had been bitten by a tick and had Lime's disease. However when he came out to where I live, he was getting worse and they took him to the hospital here. That is where they discovered he had multiple myeloma. They gave him 6 weeks...he ended up living for 3 years. Our family was going through a difficult time then and I thank everyday he was able to be alive for all that time. He was able to see my aunt get pregnant with her first child, my mother with her second and other important events. It has been one of the hardest things for me to deal with, considering how close I was to my grandfather. I just wanted to let you all know that there is a way to get through this, even if at times it seems like you will never be able to. Again, I am here to talk if you need.

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Hello, I also recently saw the ad for this site last week. My Mom has MM and I am feeling very confused right now. I have never tried anything like a chat room before, but I thought it certinatly can't hurt anything. I find myself sitting up a night crying for her to be cured or even the opposite. I feel so guilty for that feeling. I am having such a hard time dealing with the pain I know she is in. She was diagonised in 1988. She was given 3 months. She overcame that and then was diagonised with Amaloyds in the kidneys, which have now completly shut down. She's on dialysis 9 hours a day and is having to retire from her job. She's only 60. Thanks for your offer to help.

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Hello ,I saw your post and the content and Im curious about something I would appreciate your input if possible, My husband is 70 yrs and has one kidney and multiple myeloma his kidney is on functioning at 30% and their talking dialysis, and soon chemo again because the cancer has returned ,could you tell me Please is dialysis painful for the patient at that age, and what quality of life does she have now......Thanks

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My husband is in stage four of Multiple Myeloma, he did not qualify for the stem cell replacement due to COPD and blood clots, he was given six months and is still fighting 15 months, he is taking Interferon, after one year of Chemo, his kidney were shutting down several times during the course of treatment. What come next? Are all patients the same, what do I look for, the Drs in Seattle say that he is on borrow time and the treating Dr. thinks that he can maintain his kidney with the Interferon, are we just making more money for the DR? I have read that MM is incurable, just stress me out not knowing what to expect next and making sure that we are doing the right thing with taking the Interferon which by the way this is the first week, and it is making him sick and he is not taking a full dosage until four weeks. Can you let me know how the stages progressed?

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I am going thru the same thoughts as you. My husband now age 52 was diagnosed with MM 7 yrs ago. I have tried to find someone to talk to because I too do not know what to expect. I am so confused and feel so helpless trying to help him. He us going now thru radiation for a tumor on his head, neck and knee. the oncologist has already told me he has a few months at the most. Why do they keep talking him into doing other stuff. I too feel sometimes are we just keeping the drug companies going and the doctor richer, while we watch our loved ones go thru the pain and agony of this disease? He now has spasms really bad. he just called me here at work and said "I just had a spasm in my hand and dropped my milk" I feel so helpless.

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Hi Broadway95, my best freinds brother was just diagnosed with MM. She lost another brother 2 years ago from cancer. I was wondering if you would be willing to chat with her or could recommend support sites. I love her dearly and will always be there for her and listening to her, but I really would like her to be able to talk to someone who has gone through it. She is so angry and depresed right now and it breaks my heart. I really think she needs to chat with someone who really knows and has gone through this with a family member. please reply to me at idig1917@hotmail.com thanks Rebecca

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