Help me to help my brother

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This past Friday my brother had a brain tumor removed and today we got the path results back and they were found to be a malignant tumor. He is feeling really scared, confused and is having panic attaks because he thinks his life is over. He is only 18 yrs old and really needs to talk to someone who has gone through this. Please write back if you can help [email protected]


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    There is a young man that comes into our chat room. His name is Archangel (with some number after it). He is 16, and had a brain tumor removed last year, I believe. He is doing very well. I can also tell you that my husband had a malignant (grade 4) brain tumor removed on Mother's Day of 2003. He is doing beautifully. He had radiation therapy and chemo, and will continue on oral chemo for about 13 more months. Have your brother come on here, and talk with people who have survived things they were not supposed to survive. We also have a discussion board for young survivors on here.
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    I have a medulblastomo (brain tumour) and was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago at the aqe of 22. I couldn't have surgery, but am still here, trying lots of new ideas, after being given 8 months to live. Please tell your brother that it is normal to panic, but if he does need to chat, please do get in touch. it often feels like no one else understands, but talking about it helps. LittleRu
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    My father had a brain tumor at the age of about 33 and lived till he was 36. I don't think my story will help your brother much considering the fact that my dad died. But, if he ever needs to talk he can e-mail me. Hope he feels better.
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    Hey I am 28 and had a tumor removed 020504 which was a GBM(malignant)tumor now doing chemo and radiation. Tell your brother life is not easy but I believe everything happens for some reason we may not know the reason now. Hang in there try to stay positive. No one knows from day to day who will live and who will die except one person...He has the plan! God Bless You and your family!