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I had Surgery one year ago this month after having a psa of 15 and was advised that it was fast growing. After surgery there were signs of cancer outside the walls of the prostate and followed up with 36 radiation treatments. The last psa taken 3 months ago was .03 however i am experiencing severe back and muscle pain. My next check up is one month and I am wondering what tests or questions I should ask the doctors.


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    Hi Wayne!!! I had RP 7/25/03 with a psa of 4.73 (gleason score of 7+ - with cells on the edge). Second psa after surgery was 0.03(0.03 usually means that the cancer is gone). I have been told that if prostate cancer spreads it usually goes into the bones (back) and lymph nodes. Severe back and muscle pain may be nothing more than a sprained back etc but I would let my doctor know what I am going through and let him/her decide what it is. They would probably want to take xrays etc. Hope this helps. God bless. Mike
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    Hi Wayne,
    Although I don't think the sensitivity of the "bone scan" test is extremely good except in moderate to severe cases I beleive you should have one, if you have not had one in the past, as a "benchmark" for future tests which may be required.I agree with Mike in that it may be simply a non-related pain but you should make your doctor aware of it.