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low temperature?

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Hi everyone.

A question: the onco warned to watch for high temperatures signifying the onset of infection. But mom's temp has been consistently low--97.5-98 degrees. Prior to the onset of this cancer her temp was a normal 98.6.

Doctor is not concerned about this at all. Has anyone else experienced this? Should we be worried?


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Normal body temp often fluctuates. It can also be a sign of dehydration. The real worrysome sign is, as your onc said, an increase in temp (above 100).

Be well

- SB

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I don't keep close track of my temp, but I think it has also been a bit low when they check it at the office. I feel chilled for a few days after my treatments, and warm herb tea seems to hit the spot. High temp would mean poss infection, or as SB noted, dehydration. You could bring it up with your mom's onc, but I don't think a little lower is a problem. Judy

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Judy -

A wee little nip o' the Irish whiskey will knock that chill out a' ye, lass! Herbal tea? Pishaw.

- Sponge O'Bob

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Hi sricar--I agree--see your onc about the low temp.--but whatever you do--you must tell your clinic nurses if your temp goes above normal.As Judy says this is not a time to be complacent--a high temp can be very serious if left untreated.
hugs kanga n Jen

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