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We would like to leave you all with some "thoughts" which we sincerely would like you all to think about.
Then as a family we begin to understand why we have such a big "family"--on this site and all about us.
We are "touched" with a horrible disease that has changed all our lives in an instant.
Realise that by this disease we have all learnt to reach out.
We have begun to learn how to "touch" physically and mentally to support each other.
The "energy" we impart to each other comes from a power greater than us all--this energy is available to all of us.

Do you remember when you were young and you fell over and hurt your knee?--do you remember the very first thing you did?--You grasped your knee with your hand and it felt better!

Do you remember when you first needed to comfort someone?--You put an arm around them to console them -and they felt better!

The power of touch is a wonderfull thing--do you remember how much better you felt when your nurse touched your hand or put a hand on your shoulder when you were down?

When your closest friend offered a shoulder to lean on when the tears came freely?--and you felt better!

OUR lives are filled with "touch" and the support that goes with it--it just took a horrible disease to make us more aware of this special gift.

Our faith in a god has given us the ability to understand and use this gift to love and support all who need it!

WE can physically "touch" each other--but we can also mentally "touch" each other--either way the "thought" is there!

luv n hugs to all, kanga n Jen

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That was beautiful and so true. You have a way with words that I wish I had.
Thanks for sharing,

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yepper to that Kanga, and I believe it is possible to send our energy to each other..often I have "felt" the positive energy from the folks on this site, and taken it with me to my next battle with the demon. I'm sure God is present on this site also.. thanks, Bud

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Bravo, Kanga. That was perfectly put. Here's a (manly) hug for you, mate.

- SB

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AWESOME Kanga...I'm sure Jen helped with those wonderful thoughts, too!

It's true...just when you start to think how bad you have it, you need to look at the other side of how overall good you really have things!

Keep those spirits up!! (No, SpongeBob, not the glasses filled with alcohol!)


Anonymous user (not verified)

Kanga & Jen,

I'm touched, truly touched and no pun intended. Talk about hitting the nail right on the head. Bravo my fried, bravo!!

Isn't it sad though the for most of us in this life it always takes some from of tragedy or sorrowful event to put us in touch with the God given feelings that we bury inside. But thank goodness, they are not gone. Bert & I love all of you in a special way and touch you "mentally" each an every day.


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Posts: 2115
Joined: Feb 2004

Awwww guuuuuuys--was just trying to cheer yu all up b4 we leave--AND I meant every word of it!
About 7 years back we had a very bad car accident and I thought I was gunna lose Jen--now that really put life in perspective!Changes ones attitude altogether as the cancer has done with all of us.
I may get one more chance of posting on thursday night--he he --yu all should be zzzing then!
BUT--if I dont get here--may god/prayers and "touch" be with yu all!
luv n huggies--kanga n Jen

SB---hey Bob--got yer mail mate--but the email section wouldn't let me reply--who knows why?
Be good n safe buddy--------til we return!!

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Have good trip, Kanga, with your biker mama.
Come back safe with some stories to tell.
We wuv you and miss you already.

Aspaysia who loves a man that drinks Fosters in a can and calls people Mate.

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