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So...now we've met!

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Hi, guys, we kinda know each other, but not all that well, and we all have something in common (obviously..lol), but what else? Tell me about you!! I'm big into drama, I sing and dance a lot, I have two nieces who (whom? I love English, but the who/whom thing ALWAYS screws me up) I love with all my heart (and one on the way!), my favorite movie is Zoolander with Ben Stiller; favorite book is Gone With the Wind; favorite bands are Modest Mouse, the White Stripes, and the Counting Crows; favorite TV show is Scrubs; I want to be a pediatric oncologist when I graduate (in just over a year!)...this year's musical is Annie Get Your Gun, starts next week, and I'm just completely excited...um, I have five sisters, was raised in New York, and have a dog, a cat, and a horse who will be three soon! So if any of you want to kind of just talk about yourselves, I'm totally interested in "meeting" all of you. As Bubby says, "Peace out!" (haha that's my new signature, I guess :) )

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um.........hi? yeah well i kinda got some thangs in common.......i like drama, english, zoolander, uh, music- pretty versatile, depends on my mood, the Beatles still my fav! i wanna be a journalist, but im not in college yet so i might just put that off a lil more.....have 3 cats and a dog. my sis has a taruntalu- if u like that too :) have no nieces- im the oldest of a sis and 2 bros, which is no fun. ahh but all in all life is great. been cancer-free for 10 years and in great health. sadly, not everyone on this site can say the same. well.......email me if u feel like talkin.

tchus! ( thats bye in german- i say that to everyone whether they know what it means or not)

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