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Hi everyone, I just wanted to post this message for women wondering about breast reconstruction. I am home from surgery yesterday after having the expander removed, the permanent saline implant in the site of my masectomy. On the "good" side my plastic surgeion did a "lift". I am so pleased. The implant is pretty soft (especially after having that expander in me for 5 months) and I think after everything heals I will go back in for the finishing touch - "nipple and tatoo". I was not going to have any reconstruction at first and waited 6 months after chemo to do it. But I am happy I did go through with it as I feel almost normal again. Anyway, don't be afraid, there isn't that much pain involved.

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Thanks toni for the insite iam shedule for recosturtion in may not sure if iam going to do it or not though beace my cancer just came back so doing dhemo again just will have to wait and see what happens here.and how i fell when iam all done with chemo.I have three more rounds to go.Take care .Bunnie

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So glad you posted your message.I had a right mastectomy in Aug of last year and in May of this year will have a simple left mastectomy and start reconstruction with the expanders.Could you go into a little more detail concerning the expanders-how they felt,how much discomfort, etc so that I will know what to expect.How long did it take before you could go back to work?After my first surgery I was only off for a week.I am eager to hear more details as I want to be well prepared to deal with the whole process in a positive way.

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Hello everyone! I had a bi-lateral mastectomy in Aug of last year also, Marti. I too will be having surgery in May to finish reconstruction. I have had expanders in since my initial surgery started having them filled after chemo(in Dec.) and had to wait until after radiation to have my permanent implants put in. I will probably have the tram flap surgery done instead of implants but not sure at this point. The expanders are uncomfortable when they are being filled because the skin is stretching but I think the results will be worth it.;)I have worked all the way through except for 4 weeks after my surgery in Aug.

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Thank you for the information Toni!  I was encouraged by your story!  I am considering a mastectomy on the cancer side and a lift on the good breast.  What is a lift?  Does it involve removing the nipple, then replacing it later?  That used to be the way it was done many years ago, so I put off having the reduction.  Did not want anyone tampering with the nipple.  But I need to have the good breast reduced now because it is a size 42C and my other breast will be gone, so I will be walking all lopsided. :-)

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It usually works much better when asking for input to either find current (or nearly current) threads to ask questions of the people who started them or start a new thread with your questions/comments.  (You'll get more replies)  The 3 threads you have posted to have not had any posts to them in 9+ yrs -  I've been 'here' since 2009 and I do not remember seeing any of the people who posted on these threads.  

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