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Has anybody used a pump yet for an erection? I had surgery in Jan and was very lucky to have them catch everything in time. Im 54 and have a wife that is very understanding especially after 30 years. I think that we are even closer than before. The reason that I am asking is what I have for different options. I have been reading the problems before and now after and was wondering about a pump. I have read all of the Pills that you can take. Another thing is the injections what is that all about and does that hurt and is it hard to do? Thanks.

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Congratulations on the successful outcome. I had radical surgery last March (2003, age 64) and I am still "suffering" from the dreaded side-effect. I have used pills to no avail. I am now using the injection method (Caverject). No, it is not painful - just a small prick (no pun intended :

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1st of all are you a Vietnam vet? If so get to the V.A. and get checked for AGENT ORANGE exposure. It has been determined that A.O. exposure can cause Prostate Cancer.
If you just had you RP in January you could be in for a wait--I dont know if your Dr. told you or not but in some cases it can take 2 years to recover I had my RP in Jan-03 and have been recovered for well over a year, but if I get over tired or have 1 too many Margaritas well sometime things dont cooperate
Good luck--Morris

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I am thirty three years old and I am seeing a fifty eight year old man. We enjoy sex very much but, he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is weighing all his treatment options. He is leaning towards the surgery but, of course we are both afraid of the dreaded side effect. What does the injection do to help and how quickly after surgery can this be used? We have discussed marriage but, he will not consider it unless he can function so, I am desperate to find the right solution.

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Dear ThreeBoysbrj, Why is it that men seem to feel that without an erection they are not a man and would not make a good husband. Is that not your choice? I know that it is a very sensitive issue for guys but there is so much more to life. You sound like a loving a patient woman. My husband says he has felt more loved than ever because I have been so understanding about his "problems." But they improve monthly and, as I said to him, "I don't care if all we ever do is snuggle and you have to wear diapers for the rest of your life. At least you'll be here by my side and I'll have you to love."

Here's what I just posted on another site.
As the wife of a prostate surgery survivor (18 mos) I know that we have had to be very creative at times. But what no one seems to tell men is that you don't have to have an erection to have an orgasm and isn't that intense pleasure - and giving your wife that type of pleasure what it's all about. Personally I do not miss (at the age of 60) the painful intercourse that was resulting from my post menopausal dryness. I am delighted with a gerkin sized penis that very occasionally (6 mos post surgery and continuing) gets up to 3" or so. Small is better as far as I am concerned. And the lack of semen is great, no more mess on the bed or lingerie. We find that orgal and manual stimulation, sometimes the use of a tight rubber band at the base of the penis and vibrator use are all great tools. If you get really down try Viagra (although it gave my hsuband stomaches) and there's always the vacuum pump, injections or an implant. Don't give up. And never estimate the role of suggling, cuddling and caressing. A woman's most erogenous zone is often between her ears and love talk creates a loving and patient woman. Try watching a very sexy flick on a lap top computer postioned on your bedside table. Best wishes


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