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Hiya guys--just a short note to say our long awaited holiday(waited 10 years) is about to begin.Jen and I are off on a 5 week adventure on our touring motorcycle from Adelaide in South Australia via Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane then home again.
It is now 3 weeks since I finished my chemo and am gradually regaining my strenght so am looking fward to getting "away from it all".
For those who mail me please refrain from any mail sending after 11th march.
We will have you all in our thoughts while travelling and hopefully I can return here a little more settled in my mind and with more energy!
Our most sincere love and hugs to all of you--my family was never intended to be so large!
May you all stay as healthy as possible!
cheers kanga and Jen


  • pattieb
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    Kanga & Jen
    Hope you have a great time. This is a long awaited vacation. We will miss you.
  • cmcl
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    Kanga and Jen,
    Sounds like a great trip! Have a wonderful time.
    Enjoy, be careful and take care,
  • kerry
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    Have a wonderful and restful trip. I too took a 5 week vacation after my chemo last July. Went up in the mountains of New Mexico and just relaxed and enjoyed nature and recovered. My best to you both. Enjoy and you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

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    Dear Kanga and Jen,
    ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!!!! :) Judy
  • jsabol
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    Dear Kanga and Jen,
    ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!!!! :) Judy
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    Sounds wonderful it a BMW? Safe trip, and
    report back to your extended family. Bud
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    nanuk said:

    Sounds wonderful it a BMW? Safe trip, and
    report back to your extended family. Bud

    Gee--thanks guys!---yep--will be thinking of you guys too-I will be kinda lost not having a puta to talk to you all but don't worry, will be back soon enough so I can check n see that you have all been behaving!
    Pattie-nah, you won't--you'll only be missin me orzie drawl--he he
    Carolyn--yu betcha--we are going to take the whole trip as it comes--no itinery--just going to see where our "destiny" takes us!
    Kerry--isn't it amazing just how we forget to appreciate tha good things in life?--the wonderfull thing about a motorcycle is because yu need to be very aware of riding safely you also become very aware of one's surroundings--we intend to make sure we see our wonderfull country in all its beauty.
    Judy--6 enjoys?---yu must really be trying to gain points Judy with 2 posts--he he
    Hey Bud--yu can bet your boots we will report back!---wish yu guys could be here--I am goin to mentally send yu pics of our trip mate.-No- not a BEEMER---we have a sports tourer--the new YAMAHA FJR 1300 which we tow a trailer with--great bike, ideal for long distances.

    Hey--am not going just yet--my last post will be on the 11th march, so yu all gotta be cool 'til then!
    luv n many hugs, kanga n Jen
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    Kanga -

    I know you'll be excited (having waited so long for your trip) and you'll be smiling ear to ear - just try to keep the bugs out of your teeth, mate!

    - Sponge
  • Kanga & Jen,

    Probably already gone but you'll read this when you get back and I hope you have and will have had a most wonderful, wonderful time. I'd love to do something like that myself. Be safe, enjoy, and we shall all miss you???


    Monika & Bert
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    Kanga & Jen~

    Hope I caught you before you leave! Hope you have a WONDERFUL vacation. Be safe.