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17 year old male- ALL leukemia

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Hello, my name is Tyler and I was diagnosed with ALL leukemia at the age of 13. I am currently in good health and I would like to talk with some people who have, or are going through some similar events as I have. I would love to talk with anyone about their experiences, just email me at tylerklain@hotmail.com .

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Hi Tyler,
I hope everything is okay with you. I am just a grandmother of a little boy whom has ALL. He is about 4 months into treatment. Is there any thing you can tell me that would help him out. So far things have gone pretty well for him. Right now his blood counts are very low. He cannot attend school, church or anything else for a bit here. Anything you could tell me would be a very big help.
Thank You

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I am glad things are going good. I know that things are hard for both you and your grandson but having low blood counts is perfectly normal. I barely was able to make it to school myself when I was going through treatments. I can remember when everything was getting hard and it felt like every day was a week, but tell your grandson that if I could make it, he certainly can too. ALL has a very high survive success rate and just keep your hopes up. I slept alot when I was in the toughest part of my treatment schedule but just dont worry, it may seem like the end is forever away, but once you beat it, it will seem like it flew by.

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hey tyler, i also was diagnosed w/ALL when i was 11- if you wanna talk i'm here

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Hey Tyler! I was diagnosed with ALL when I turned 14. I'm now 17 and I've been off treatment for a year, so it sounds like were kinda in the same spot. Feel free to email me at srvivr_2001@yahoo.com if you have any questions or just want to talk
- Cynthia

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