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Rectal Cancer Suvivor-Question

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I'll try to make a long story short. Oct 31, 2003 husband was dx with rectal cancer. Dr told us he would have 6 wks chemo and rad, rest time to recoup and then surgery which would result in rectum being removed and permanent colostomy. Dr said 0% chance of not having the above surgery and colostomy.
Did the chemo(Xeloda) and rad. Took time off. Went for pre-op colonoscopy February 13, 2003. Showed tumor had shrunk from two large grape size to flat and size of a dime. New surgery would be Transanal Excision through the rectum. Would keep the rectum and no colostomy if Dr could get clean margins. February 25 had surgery. All went well. Today had follow up with doctor for results of biopsy taken on the 25th. No signs of cancer. Dr wants my husband to have more chemo in a few weeks after he has healed from surgery. My reason for posting here is to let everyone know there is always hope. Our belief in GOD, each other, family and friends (and the new ones on message boards) helped us get through this trying time.

My husband would like me to ask anyone if they have had this surgery and what he can to about his rectum itching now that it is healing? Any advise would be appreciated.

Also, I feel I must pass this along. My husband and I have always been believers in GOD. But we felt that staying home and saying "I believe" was enough. For us thats not enough anymore. We feel that GOD intends us to worship in his house, live our daily lives as christians, treat others well and testify to our belief. I know some of you might think we started believing this today, but thats not the case. Even when we thought my husband would end up with a colostomy, our lives changed because all we prayed for was life, anyway GOD chose to give it. We trusted that GOD would see us through (in his way), and he has. Prayer is a strong thing and mine will be with all of you.

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Thanks for sharing your wonderful success story of your husband. I too believe that my experience has forced me to be a better all around person. Granted, I wasn't an evil person to begin with (although you may find some who may disagree...) but it goes beyond that. You need to treat every day as if it could be your last, as it very well may be. Additionally, I use my experience to prove to others that there is hope. There has to be hope. Once you lose that, you lose the battle.

Best wishes for a future of good health to you both!


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I had the same type of surgery but ended up having a permanet colostomy, anyway I have a problem with icthing and sometimes it helps to just let some water from the shower spray on it{if you don't have a removable shower head,..I suggest on getting one because the more it heals the more it is going to itch}That helped me and keeps the area clean if he is still having draining of course he should also ask his dr. if it is okay to do this he could also soak in the tub for a while if he can also ask dr.before doing this...Hope he heals well..God bless my prayers are with you and your hubby.,,,I also believe that without gods grace I would never made it this far and through his grace hopfully I'll continue for a long time to fight this cancer...


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Hiya Kaye--just popped in to say hullo and wish your hubby the very best for the future.I am fortunate to have just completed 6 months of chemo and now waiting for the chemo effects to wear off--awaiting further tests.Gee--it is hard to come to terms with and I am sure you do the best you can to support your hubby.My wife Jen has been my soulmate thru all this and do I thank god I have her.
Be strong and always hopefull/positive Kaye!
kindest regards , kanga n Jen

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I will be having the same surgery and treatment regimine although, thankfully, there is no spread of the cancer. What is your prognosis? Full recovery? Your answer is very important to me and God Bless You!!!!

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