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On January 24th 2004 I was diagnosed with Cancer of the Esophagus. January 30th 2004 I was operated on, had the tumor removed and my stomach moved up to rejoin the esophagus. Was in intensive care for 11 nights. I have been home three weeks now and I am having a hard time trying to gain the 20 pounds back that I lost since the surgery.Being a Diabetic is no help because I have to watch how much sugar is in every item I eat. Will be going in for chemo and radiation in a couple of weeks. My weight before the surgery was 177lbs. Any information would be appreciated.

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Clyde: I suggest that you check out Cathy's EC Cafe at www.eccafe.org. There is a lot of excellent information on nutrition and a link to an EC Group that has over 1200 members. The EC Group is an excellent place to have your specific questions answered. I am a 5+ year EC survivor of stage III EC. If you want to contact me directly my email is "mtnlivin@sti.net" Best of luck, Bruce

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I don't want to give you any false info. But, do have your radiation and chemo treatment. I also had this treatment. I also use some other type of treatment that has made my Esophagus Cancer disapear. Contact me at Inkpals@aol.com

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Thank you for your replies.

To William66---I had absolutely no symptoms at all to warn me that I had cancer of the esophagus.Ate a bag of popcorn and had a lot of discomfort in the chest area,went to see my doctor and after having an endoscope found out I had a malignant tumor.The Oncologist sent me to a Dr to have surgery, he felt that with not having any symptoms the Cancer was not advanced.After surgery I was shocked to find out that the cancer was stageIII,trying to find out everything I can about this disease.I will be keeping in touch with all of you, I know there will be many questions that I will be asking.

To mrbt.
Thank you for replying to my post.I have checked out Cathy's EC Cafe and it does have lots of information. Have tried to join that group but there must be a glitch and I have been unable to join. Will definitely get in touch with you.

Clyde (Richmond,Va.

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Clyde: Weight recovery takes time. I had my surgery in Feb 2001. Cancer of the esophagus is survivable!! I went from 208 pounds down to about 160. It has taken me about eighteen months for my system to adjust and start regaining weight. Be patient!! I now eat almost anything. I don't eat much; but I eat often (ha). Start a log and keep it for the first year. You will find there are a few foods that your 'new system' will not tolerate well. Chemo and radiation were a 'piece of cake'....
Hang in there!! It really does get better...

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Clyde, I too am new to the site. Had surgery in may, 02 at SKCC in NYC. Filleted like a fish, front and back. Went into surgery at a stomping 185 and at age 66 in good shape. Surger was a peice of cake but the infection after put me into ICU for eight days, 5 on a ventelator. Left the hospital on Fathers day after 24 wonderful days at 150 lbs. So week that i had to walk with a cane. In Nov I went back to driving the big truck. I am now up to 162 and don't expect to gain any more. Had a cat scan last month which showed a bump in the road but the pet scan a week later showed no cancer. Yes, I do go to church now. Keep the faith and don't give up. I thought I was the only one with this cancer until this web site came along. Good luck.

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Hope all of you who have taken the time to reply, realize how much hope, patience and peace of mind you have given me.

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