Seattle Young Survivors Support Group

glennrockowitz Member Posts: 3
I'm 33 years old and just had my right kidney removed for RCC. This is my 3rd primary cancer since I was 28. I'm looking to start a young survivor support group in Seattle - anyone interested, please email me at [email protected] Hang in there everyone!


  • klker
    klker Member Posts: 8
    I was 28 when I was diagnosed, and am now 30 and can understand your desire for a young adult support group. I am located in CT. and travel to NY for a young adult group because of what it offers. I attend another support group here in town but I am always the youngest, and a lot of the issues that I face are because of my age. The other patients are supportive but they tend to "pity" me more because "I have my whole life in front of me". I am just looking for people my age to discuss stuff with.
    Good luck starting your group and I'm always willing to listen...klker