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my father died of liver cancer in 1971. i was 13 yrs. old. my mother basically died the same day. she had not worked since 1945. all she knew was waitress work at @2.00 hr. plus tips. we barely survived. all the people that my father knew and came to his funeral told my mother," if you need anything just call." HUh! when she did they said no!!. my 18 yr. old brother left the house and got married. didn't give a damn about my mother or me. now i live with deep depression that i keep hidden. i have a wife and kids to take care of and guess what!! I am an airplane mechanic. I am out of work because of 9/11. nobody helps me!!
nobody cares. tell me where the ACS was in 1971?? and where are they now. if I ask for help they would probably tell me it has been too long. I have been poor since Oct. 31, 1971 and I will die poor.

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Dear Starweb, In reading your message, I was saddened by your story. Sometimes it's so hard to accept what life throws at us, but we still have to go on. I hope you are being treated for your depression, if not, I hope you will consider treatment. There are a lot of good medicines that will get you thru each day. But the best medicine around is in Jesus Christ. He knows what you are feeling and are going thru, and thru him all things are possible. If you don't know him personally, then start reading the bible and get on your knees and pray and listen to God and then ask him into your heart. If you have been saved, then pray without ceasing and God will help you thru your depression and every problem you may have. God is the answer. He is the support you need and he will be there if you ask him. I will be praying for you. I have faced depression and with Gods help, I have overcomed it. Love and Prayers

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I just joined CSN. I am sorry to hear that you have been going thru such a horrible time. I can say that I will pray for you. I hope even just that little bit helps you. A lot of people lost their jobs after 9/11. I can only hope that you find something to support you and your family. But I do hope maybe your family has a change a heart and realize that you need help and stop turning their backs on you. I wish you the best of luck.

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