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After right collectomy surgery

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Hi Guys
Mom's surgery was 4 weeks ago tomorrow (2/3/04).
She is recovering slowly, but is experiencing a few things she wanted me to post about and see if you guys have had similar experiences.
She will occasionally have sharp pains in her mid-section that don't seem to be related to the diarrhea (which is not quite constant but urgent when it comes!).
I think I've seen posts about the sharp pains and that they continue for awhile after surgery.
The other thing is that she has a constant "bad" taste in her mouth. She isn't taking chemo, so not sure what that would be related to.
Any advice welcomed!


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Hi Beth,
I had the Left Hand version of the surgery and I still get sharp pains 2 months after it. My Mom also had the same surgery back last November and she gets the same thing. These sharp pains last no more than a few seconds but can double me up. I asked my surgeon about these and he said that they were fairly normal and I should only worry if they increased in freqency and or duration.

Dunno about the funny taste thing, I have it but I know mine is from the aptly named 5-FU.


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Ahoy, Beth -

Did she ever check with her doc about the pains? Pain is a sign that something may be wrong. It could be anything from an infection to an adhesion to gas. I strongly suggest she get it checked out soonest. I had pains, too. Mostly gas and some constriction caused by having my "small tube" connected to my "BIG TUBE" without the aid of a reducer (big change in size was causing some ulceration at my sew-together site). Still get it sometimes.

As for the funny taste in her mouth - could be any number of things, but the first thing I would check is dehydration (unless she's been drinking some of em's blueberry smoothies, in which case that's probably the culprit).

- SB

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Poor Em and her smoothies. The girl can't catch a break. What goes into these "scary" smoothies anyway?

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Hi. I too experienced some sharp pains. However they went away fairly quickly. My Dr. told me that they were related to healing and not to be worried about them at all. As for the taste, when someone is burning keytones, it tastes just like 5FU. Be sure that she is eating enough. Sometimes after a big surgery like that and especially when you have frequent bowl movements, you tend to eat less. If the pains are scary, call your doc!


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Hi Beth--same as the above--I have the "stabbing pains" between my belly button and pubic bone--just under the wound site.I am now 7 months after surgery.My onc. said it was still healing but to monitor it and let him know if it gets worse.Your mum should nonetheless make her gp/surgeon aware of it.
As for the bad taste--same as above--the 5FU caused it all--so not sure if I can help there.
our best kanga n Jen

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