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Nonspecific lung changes

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Hi, I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this scenario w/ a positive outcome. I was first diagnosed 2 years ago at the ripe old age of 31 w/ Stage III colon cancer and had a sigmoid resection followed by 6 mos. of 5-FU/Leukovorin.......at my first followup it was discovered that I had a liver met, luckily for me only one! It was resected last March followed by Camptosar/Xeloda....that finished in August of last summer. I went through the holidays in remission and then went for my second followup on Feb.12......the CT scan showed two "spots" on my right lung, very small, 3-5mm in size. My onc. then ordered a PET scan which came back "clear" - the smallest of the two showing no uptake of glucose, the other showing some, but not what would be expected from a recurrence. Obviously, w/ my history, this is very frightening nonetheless. I can definitely sympathize w/ the women who wrote "crazy thoughts" or something like that.......I loathe the thought of this being a recurrence when I really feel physically wonderful and my life has just really started returning to normal. I am supposed to wait until May then repeat my CT. Have any of you had lung "spots" or scarring that turned up to be non-cancerous?? Any supportive feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am staying "positive" by being in utter and total denial.

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shmurciakova: Everything I am about to say is hearsay, and must be verified. I have been told that a PET cannot see below 6mm. My CT showed 20-plus nodules,1-3mm, "suspicious" for lung mets. Subsequent biopsy confirmed cc mets. I would ask more questions regarding CT VS PET scans, and if
your current results rule out mets. Bud

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Hi shmurciakova--Iam not looking fward to my next visit to the onc.--fearing the worst as always--no mets. yet but had similar dx to you 6 months ago with same chemo.Gee--it is hard to be positive not knowing whats around the corner but we battle on.
Frustrating , isn't it!
We offer our support to you and only hope you get some pleasant results.
luv kanga n Jen

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Hi, I was diagnosed 2 years ago with stage 3 rectal cancer and they have yet to give me a clean bill of health. They say that I have two spots on my liver and two spots on my lung. For about 6 months, they weren't sure ;now a month and a half ago I was told that my CEA levels were rising. So I am not sure either.

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