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Stage 4

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Hi, I am new to the group although not new to cancer. I have been a caregiver to my husband Hunt for one year. He was dx with stage 4, 17 out of 18 lymph nodes dieased, mets to liver. On campostar for 6 months, was clear for 45 days. Testing proved it was back, CEA reading 24.9 with liver spots. He has not been sick, no hair loss, no weight lost, but is very very tired. We are not receiving any positive news. The oc said about 17 months and it has been a year now. His faith in God and healing powers are very strong and he says he will beat this. He is very positive, never complains. Every 10 days he is on 55 hours of continuous chemo - oxaliplatin, 5fu. He has completed 5 treatments of this. He says it will be gone on the next scan. Has anyone had positive results with oxaliplatin. We have not talked to anyone on this. This web site is a blessing. Although I have not been sending messages, I have read lots of these message. You are a wonderful group of people. God Bless each and everyone of you.

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Hi schoolgirl,


I have not done chemo so I cannot help you there but I will give you some good websites to check out for healing cancer:


If I can share any advice it would be to toss out the doctor's "death prophecy". How dare s/he determine your husband's time. That is not the place of the doctor to decide. Just ask Stacy who is stage 4 and still around after 2 years.

There are many believers on this site so feel free to ask for prayer any time!

peace, emily stage 3 lymph pos only alternatives and still kicking!

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Sorry that you have to be here, but welcome. It is good to hear how positive your husband has been despite all that he has been through. Yes there are a number of people here who have responded well with oxaliplatin, although it does not work for everyone.

I was diagnosed Stage 4 at surgery 9/02 when they found metastasis to the peritoneum in my lower abdomen. After 6 treatments (3 cycles) of oxaliplatin/ 5FU I was taken back to surgery to attempt to resect everything. All the peritoneal nodules were gone. I still had tumor in an ovary and in the rectal mass.

Unfortunately, after being off chemo for 4 mth for the surgery and recuperation, it came back with a vengence in my lymph nodes and liver. I was started back on oxaliplatin and Xeloda 6/03.

After 4 treatments liver nodules and lymph nodes had shrunken dramatically. After 8 treatments my liver masses could no longer be seen. I just recieved my 18th dose of oxaliplatin Friday.

Although I get tired, I am in general feeling well.

Here is hoping that your husband responds well to the continued treatment.

Best wishes,

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Hya schoolgirl-welcome to the group-and welcome to Hunt--I was only on 5FU/Leuc. so can't comment on Oxaliplatin.
You have to be well respected to be able to deal with caring for him and you are not alone in that respect.I can only imagine what is going thru Jen's mind to see me so ill and have to be my carer.She is wonderfull to me as are my adult kids and friends.
Hang in there sweetie--all the love you can give him is all he will need to carry on---YOU ARE HIS ANGEL!
luv n hugs--kanga n Jen

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Hi Schoolgirl
And a very big welcome to our little group which is growing. I have had 3 treatments of oxi 5FU and am having a problem with it Had a ct done on thur and today I will get the results and my onc will decide what to do next, I was dx in june 02 and had campostar and then rads & 5FU for mets to pelvis which did work, but now I have mets to lung and other side of pelvis 2 small spots each. Tell him to keep up the postive.

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I was initially diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer when lung mets. were then found in September. I have been doing rounds of oxaliplatin and Xeloda and so far the cancer is under control i.e. no new spots. My doctor assures me that these are promising new drugs and all of his patients have been responding. Good luck and your husband and you will be in my thoughts.


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Welcome. You have found a wonderful place to learn and vent. My hubby was dx w/stage 4 9/03 after surgery. 14" colon removed, met to lung, liver and 6 of 14 nodes. He began chemo Oct 21 with oxilaplatin and xeloda. oxli infusion for 3 hours once every three weeks and xeloda 3000 mg in am and 4000 in pm. He was SICK but it worked. After 3 treatments his liver tumor shurnk from 5cm to apx 2.5 and now after another 3 down to 1.5cm. His CEA went from 624 at the start to 120 after 3 and 16 after 6 treatments. They have now cut his chemo down to 3000mg of xeloda in the am and same in pm and that is all. I am a worrier so now since he is not sick at all I wonder if it is working! I have to have something to worry about.He was a very sad negative person before but after the last cat scan and cutting back on the chemo he is positive and swears he will be here for our daughter's graduation (she is 8) and he means from college!! We hope and pray and yes we have returned to church because of this and he has re-dedicated his life. I worry as I said and hope the other shoe won't fall. Good luck to you and my God Bless you and Hunt. Remember to do something for yourself sometimes.

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You people are wonderful. After reading all the replies to my first message posting, I feel 100% better. There is a support group out there and I have found it. Hunt is such a positive, God loving person, and I do not know how I would survive without him. I can not express how much better you have made me feel. We have our family and our church family, but I feel as if I can share my "downs" with this group and you will understand. I can share things with you that I do not want to burden my family with. We can not always stay positive, I cry, I get angry, and laugh and have fun, but there is always a fear for the future. Next Monday we will finish our last series of this treatment and than be scanned. THIS GROUP OF PEOPLE ARE THE BEST. You accept and understand what we are going through.. Thank you so much. You and your families are in my prayers. Although I may never have the opportunity of meeting any of you in person, I feel a blessing from you. Schoolgirl.

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Hi schoolgirl...

I would have responded sooner, but I was on Jury Duty for the past week...so if your hubby is feeling a little insomnia, I recommend a good civil trial lasting a week to knock that right out of him!

I was stage 4...colon with liver mets. Diagnosed Oct 2001...today all clear. There is hope. I cannot explain how I went through this whole ordeal without missing work or having any side effects. I can only figure that God just isn't ready to deal with me on a regular basis yet!

Keep the faith and know we all understand what you are going through, as we've all been there...


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My wife is stage 4 with many liver mets. They say the liver is unoperable, she will have to fight for remissions with chemo. No mention of radiation. I am hoping to find other who have overcome this.

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