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I would like to think that there are some enlightened Oncologists and other cancer health professionals lurking on this site. If we all gave the address to our oncologists, and even a few of them participated, the doctors and thier patients
would benefit..it's unfortunate that the fear of
litigation and profit motives prevent real progress and communication.. Bud

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I gave this address to my onc and nurses and said something about them giving it out and using it themselves, most of them especially my onc can't use a computer they are worst than me. LOL

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I suspect that's why they have secretaries and receptionists Pattie!

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Just take a look at the percentage of negative comments about doctors vs. positive, and try and figure out why none participate in the conversation. I don't really think it is so much a fear of litigation (especially since comments could be totally anonymous), but rather the fact that they probably may feel a constant need to defend themselves.

How often do you read...my doctor refused to do... or, they won't tell me anything... or..

When things are going well, it's the chemo, or the outside support, or the surgery, but not the doctor.

And the profit/motive thing - well, that's greatly overrated too! The physicians that really come into big bucks because of us are few and far between, and I'd like to think, won't get away with it forever!!

Cancer stinks, but it is really no ones fault that we got it, and aren't many of us guilty for "overlooking" (maybe subconsciously) many of our own symptoms?

I personally like the fact that this is a message board for patients. I don't want unsolicited "professional" medical advice. I want to hear what you all have to say, what you do and are going through, and what advice you have for me, because you've been there.

If I ever feel I can't communicate with my health professionals, it's time for ME to look for new ones!!!


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