Injections - Do they work - longterm

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I've read a number of threads that detail the success of the injections. But what happens after the 10th injection after 4-5 months or so. Do the erections come back without them, or do you build a dependency. The last thing I want is to feel like an injections are the ONLY way. What is the long term impact, I'd like to hear from some long time evaluators.


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    Vacumn devices

    Has anyone had any success with these?---I tried the injections but ended up in the hospital with an erection that wouldn't quit

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    The vacuum device really is only for drawing blood into the corpus cavernosum and the spongiosum. Just my opinion, but the whole ring business is wishful thinking. It does help with circulation and eventual recovery, but is not a quick fix for ED. In my experience, it enlarges your business but does not get as rigid as when you use stimulation. The vacuum makes your business enlarged, but it's kind of a floppy enlarged.

    If anybody disagrees i'd like to know if the ring system works for others. I'm trying to go the unassisted route. I have kind of plateaued occasionally, then I usually get a bump in the right direction. I only pull out the vacuum now when I feel like I have leveled off for too long and want to keep the business functioning.

    As far as injections, I think others here can tell you that you can manage the dosage to control the duration. Max knows better about that. Hopefully he will see this.