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When is enough????

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I have been on chemo since Sept. 2002. If you have read my past postings you know that my last colonoscopy showed only 9 polyps left which were removed and my PET scan showed only dead tumors. My Dr. never says when the chemo will end. Just wondering what the situations for you all have been. Now I just feel like the chemo is going to kill me. I just want my life back. Feeling out of control. Help!!!! I am only 29 I want some kind of a life. I want to me good mother and wife

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Ahoy, Jenn -

That's a great question for your doctor - have you asked him/her? What was the pathology report on the polyps they removed? Cancerous? Are you a HNPCC patient? A year and a half on chemo surely sucks - how badly is it impacting your life?

Talk to your doc - and don't hesitate to get a second opinion.

Be well

- SpongeBob

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Hi Jen--thought you might have gotten a bit more info from your onc. I agree with Bob, if it was me I would be asking some pretty serious questions--I had chemo for six months and that sure sucked, big time.I feel for you Jen and hope you get some answers--hanf in there.
Thinking of you--cheers kanga n Jen

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Hey--yu 'ol sea salt Bob--thought yu went awol on us mate?????

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It's enough when you say enough! Empower yourself.

peace, emily

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jenn: my experience with Oncologists is that they don't talk to you, and dance around most of the questions you ask them..compose a list of questions for your Onc, and jump up and down on their desk if necessary to get an answer..then ask
for a second opinion. Bud

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