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Severe Fatigue in Angiosarcoma Survivor

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I am a 3 year survivor of angiosarcoma. I am experiencing severe fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath and other symptoms. Does anyone out there have any information on this? This is not related to meds or treatments. It is not fibromyalgia, lupus, or any other common ailment. I have been to many doctors and they are stumped. Are other survivors experiencing this? Please email me at kcmo1957@yahoo.com

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I realize that your post was 5 years ago and you may not see this. But I hope either you or someone else will and can give me some answers.

In July of this year I began having severe problems with shortness of breath. I've been to the ER twice since then and had multiple tests run. Nothing showed up as suspicious or that alerted my Dr.s to anything. Therefore, even though I haven't agreed with their diagnosis I've had to accept that my SOB might be from Anxiety or Stress Attacks as they have been telling me.

But in October of this year I had a routine mammogram that went sour. I am a bilateral BC survivor of 8 years. So when the note came they wanted further tests and a biopsy of my breast I knew (sort of-or I thought I did) what to expect. But when they told me I had a radiation induced cancer from my prior treatment I was very surprised. They are calling it an AngioSarcoma of the breast. I will have a bi-lateral mastectomy later this month. After that I'm not sure yet what will follow.

But I am very interested in your shortness of breath and how it relates to the Angiosarcoma. Can you or anyone give me any information on this. I would very much apprecaite it.

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