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Sister passed away yesterday

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I don't seem to be coping real well. She fought with her cancer for years until ending up with terminal cancer and later dying at home. I was able to see her weeks before she died to say goodbye.
The day before she died I ended a relationship with my girlfriend, and now with my sister dying I'm really depressed. The funeral is Monday and I can't seem to motivate to go. Not sure if I even want to go.
Would love to hear some advice. thanks

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I'm sorry. I've never had a close relative or friend die at a too young age. I don't even know what a sibling relationship is like. I'm an only child. Never married. No children. Parents gone. No family.

Are you able to rest this weekend before the funeral? If you can get enough rest / sleep, you may feel more up to attending the funeral on Monday. It would be the thing to do. In the future, you would probably regret not going. Go because you want to though. She will always be with you. Not in the same way, but she will.

As for your girlfriend, was the reason for ending the relationship due to stress, etc. concerning your sister's health? If so, I hope your girlfriend would understand. If it was for other reasons, then maybe it was time for it to end. You and she are probably sad and/or mad. It will take time to understand fully why.

After the funeral, I hope you will have some time just for yourself. Don't hibernate / totally isolate yourself, but don't push yourself too hard either. Do things you enjoy. Just take things slow and easy for a while.

Feel free to e-mail. Mary

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I am so sorry for your lose but i will tell you a story of a friend i lost...my friend Julie fought for 8 years with Breast and bone cancer she did every trial she could. she had to hang on till her
son turned 18. when julie passed i was very sad because i wonder if this will be me for i also have B\C. The day they had her memorial it was a beautiful dday and as we left for our 2 hour drive home it had just gotten dark and in the north sky there were beautiful northern light glowing. And know my family and friends believe that every time we see the northern lights it is julie looking down on us and it is a wonderful feeling.....so i guess what i am trying to say is hold on to the good things you remember about your sister. Julie was 38 when she passed way to young.... hang in there and hold on to her.

Big hugs

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