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Question for Tim

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Hi Tim,

I've seen a few of your posts, and they are the only promising news I've really found so far.

My mother in law was diagnosed with PC early last week. Doctor's have yet to give us any information relative to her situation, other than it's stage 1 or 2 and only a 2cm tumor. My mother in law has gathered most of her information from the internet, so she's read 6 months life span, maybe 1-5 years and read about the wipple procedure and already doesn't even want to hear about it.

Since you've beaten this, I was wondering what the circumstances were in your case. What stage was it? How large? What did you have done?

I'm trying to find some similarities to her case, so we can at least give her some encouragement. She won't even make a call today to set up an appointment in Boston (she lives in cape code) until she speaks to her local doctor and she's not planning on calling until Tuesday! My wife and I can't understand why she's moving so slow. It seems timing could be crucial. We are both frustrated and don't want to sit by idly and watch her die, when it's possible she could do something.

Any information you can provide would be great.



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