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ABETHM: Irritable Bowel Diet

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As promised here is the diet outlined in my book Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Balch and Balch.

High fiber with plenty of fruits and veggies plus whole grains (esecially br. rice) and legumes.
Use supplemental fiber--psyllium powder should be used daily. Use oat bran and ground flaxseed daily on alternating basis.
Avoid animal fats, butter, carbonated beverages, coffee, and all caffeine, candy, chocolate, all dairy products, fried foods, ice cream, all junk foods, mannitol, sorbitol, margarine, nuts, orange and grapefruit juiecs, pastries, all processed foods, seeds, spicy foods, sugar, sugar-free chewing gum, and wheat bran and wheat products. These foods encourage the secretion of mucus by the membranes and prevent the uptake of nutrients.

Limit your consumption of gas-producing foods such as beans, broc, cabbage if they cause any problems.

Avoid alcohol and taboacco;these irritate the linings of the stomach and colon.

When an intestinal upset occurs, switch to a bland diet. Put veggies and non-acidic fruits through a food preocessor of a blender. Organic baby food is good. If you are on a soft diet, take some type of fiber and protein supplement.

Check to see if you have food allergies.

Chew your food well and do not overeat or eat in a hurry.

Exercise is important.

Do not eat right before bed.

Check Acid/Alkaline balance. Significant acidosis may occur with IBS.

Practice deep breathing exercises.

Hope this helps.

peace, emily

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Hey thanks Emily--printing it out now-then I will pass on to Jen.
I omitted to say Jen also has IBS along with the high blood press./cholesterol and the menopause woes.This list you have given is worth her looking at for sure!
much appreciated Emily
luv kanga n Jen

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Hey kanga,

IBS can be a symptom of a more serious condition such as colon cancer. Has she been checked out? Here's a list of potential illnesses maquarading as IBS or related to it:

colon cancer
gallbladder disease
malabsorption disorders
pancreatic insufficieny
parasitic infections amebiasis giardiasis
benign tumors
Crohn's disease
fecal impaction
food poisoning
infectious diarrhea
ischemic or ulcerative colitis
lactose intolerance

Some people with IBS have abnormalities in the levels of liver enzymes in their blood

So it looks like what is being called IBS could actually be many other things that need to be ruled out.

Hi Jen!

peace, emily the nutritional librarian :-)

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Em: here are some links you might find helpful:http://www.ostomates.org/links/ibd.html


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