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after surgery

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Evenin/mornin guys--whatever--hey, I was wonderin if any of you have any adverse effects re; your wounds / healing of same.My onc. told me that it would be quite some time b4 it would heal properly. I was "knifed" from just above the "pubic" bone(can I say that in here?--lol) to just below the breast bone.
I have heard about troubles with "adhesions".
What are they?
I have always been very active and get cheesed off 'cos I can't do a lot of things--really gets me down. It has been 6 months since my op. and now I get pain(stabbing pain) just below the belly button--particularly if I try to lift stuff. I was told not to lift anything too heavy and that it may take 12 months for the tummy muscles to repair.
luv n huggies to all-kanga n Jen

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Kanga, Bert's surgey with a similar incesion to yours as they took out his right colon as well as some other stuff (no organs) was August 2003. He healed very well and hasn't had any problems, but was also told about adhesions. They are scarring tissue, I think, on the inside and alas, occur far more often then doctors would like them too, many times causing problems such as blockage or pain. If they occur, and somebody please correct me if I am wrong, they gotta open you up again to fix it. Not a fun thing, but general speaking, take quite some time before, and IF, they develop. Then again it may depend on how fast you heal. Bert still has to go see his surgeon at least once every two months and I suppose that's exactly what he is checking for....healing and possible adhesions. When they tap, tap, tap your belly, I think they know what a "healthy" sound should sound like and what a "ohoh, there might be some problems" sound sounds like.

I wouldn't ignore the pain that you are experiencing...not to say that it is anything, but I'd rather rule out the possibility of it being something. Fine one to talk I am....the West Coast United States worrier!!!!!

Big hugs,

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Hi Kanga,
I had a hysterectomy 6/03. I had the stabbing pain when I would cough or sneeze 6 months after op. I still have some adhesions, when the doc does the tap, tap, press, press. she says not to worry, get used to it, but I still tell her when I feel something strage. Although I haven't gotten back to "working out" yet, I hope I don't have any problems. I don't seem to have any trouble with lifting.
Take care,

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Hi kanga,
Hope your surgeon knows about the pains....this surgery was my 4th abdominal surgery. The other 3 scars were "smiles" below the bikini line, this one is just above belly button to pubic bone. The area can be senstive for a long time, but the sharp pain on lifting should be checked out...could be a little hernia, of just scar tissue. Adhesions are scar tissue inside the abdomen, and I think sometimes they can be repaired laporascopically. Isn't it a drag to have to deal with this stuff? Hang in there, Judy

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Hi down under!! I had my surgery Dec. 2003, but previous to that I had 2 c-section births and 1 hysterectomy - so the "ole" belly has had a bit of work!!! Then came the resectioning of the colon!! I guess I am just tough - I haven't had any tinge of discomfort from any of the abdominal surgeries - thank goodness. Every once in a while I feel a little hint of a pain and then my mind goes berserk thinking that I have cancer in every part of my body!! Any one else have that paranoia? Most of the time I feel pretty good now that I am finished with the chemo. Awful stuff!!

By the way, hows Jen's "hot flashes" coming along? Wishing her well.

Take care.


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Hey kanga
My scar doesn't go as high as yours just to my belly button(which they moved to the side of my scar lol)my surgery was june 2002 and I still get some pain once in awhile, I also got a hernia after my surgery and that causes discomfort once in a while, while mostly everyone has gotten the dreaded big D I went the other way and had problems going hence the hernia. I still am careful about lifting things that are heavy as it still can cause me pain.

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Thanks for the replies guys--last time I saw my onc. 2 weeks ago I forgot to tell him about the "stabbing", although he told me my wound was fine. A friend said that it could be adhesions/scar tissue.The nurses at the clinic said the wound would take longer to heal while on chemo.So will ask the onc. next visit to get a better explanation.Maybe I am just too eager to get back to some normality.
Was curious when Bert had his op. Monika--I had surg. on 7th august 2003.

"Hot flushes"--yes Kerry , they are still there -Jen is not impressed and the REMIFIN natural HRT is playing havoc with her weight--she says she guesses its one or the other--so puts up with the weight problem.The meds do help her with her attitude--the moodiness has gone and she feels a lot better.Just gets annoyed with the "hot n colds".
She is understandably worried about me but I guess you guys can all relate to that.
luv n hugs all, kanga n Jen

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had my first surgery June 2003. I get those stabbing pains when I have been doing too much, which is most of the time. My surgeon has warned me to be more carefull, could cause a hernia. I guess we shouldn't be picking stuff up that's too heavy Kanga, but i get the sense that you, like me are a little bit stubborn.

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Hi Queenfish--stubborn---"not in my vocabulary"--he he.
I have been so active all my life and boy , is it depressing not being able to do the stuff I want to do--so I guess-yes I do probably overdo it a bit.--just don't tell Jen!
Trouble is with all the fatigue I feel I try having a good sleep one day then that gives me a bit of a boost then I go out n overdo it the following day!Guess I will have to "tone" it down a little--just get sick of sitting on my ar-----e!
hugs to yah Queenfish--kanga n Jen

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