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results are in.

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First THANK YOU for your positive thoughts and prayers. The results were good. Tumor in liver was at 5 cm before he started chemo and now after 6 treatments it is a 1cm. His CEA level was 694 and is now 16!!! HURRAY.. Now.. they are going for another 3 treatments but want to change around a little since he had bad nauseua problems. Choice#1 / Xeloda 2000 am / 2000 pm orally for two weeks and off for one. (this made him ill last time combined with oxilaplatin) Choice#2, CPT11 injection at Dr. and 5FU 2 day fanny pack. then off 18 days and start all over. Choice#3, Oxilaplatin infusion there and fanny pack 2 days at home. What is your opinion? Thanks for your support.

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GREAT TO HEAR pjenks. Can't give advice on choices but hope he picks the right one to be able to come thru it with as little side effects as possible.
You must have posted just as I got on here!
We have some wierd hours here at the bottom of the world--I always seem last to post as you guys are asleep while I am awake!
Our very best to you both-looking fward to hearing of some good results after the next session.
luv n hugs , kanga n Jen

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I love GOOD NEWS! Congratulations. I just got my CT back last week with good news too, ALL CLEAR, it was my second one in a row! So about your choice for chemo...all of them suck. I was on 5FU and leucovorin. I went for an IV push every week for 2 weeks then took one off. I'm not a big fan of 5FU, but it is the standard and it worked for me. The only thing is, while it is being administered, it leaves a HORRID taste in your mouth -- like you're sucking on a rusty nail coated in gut wrenching chemicals. So...if he had the choice to stay away from 5FU, I might take that one. The only bummer about that is it's track record...it REALLY WORKS. So... I don't know what to tell you. CONGRATS on your CT though. I'm sure that made you feel great.


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Phew, what a relief and what good news! Sorry about more tx decisions...but it's working! My only expeience is with 5FU and leuco, which have had relatively few side effects for me...NO bad taste, just extra saliva! and now mega fatigue and depression of hematocrit. Hasn't hubby had some of these chemicals in the past? It's so hard to have to learn as we go; hope whatever you decide works well with tolerable side effects; you're in my thoughts. Judy

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Great news! I'm sure you are so releived to know that the chemo is working. I had choice #3 for 6 months. It wasn't easy, but tolerable. My biggest complaint was nausea. I'm sure with the help of your doctor you will choose the right meds. Good luck and take care,

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the last cocktail- Oxil IV plus 5fu fanny pack is what I'm on..extreme nausea on day 3-4 and other lesser assorted side effects. On second day of 2nd round with dose adjustment of 5fu and additional hydration infusion to combat side effects - so far so good; will advise. Bud

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So glad to hear about your results. I am currently on #3 but have to have my ct on thur. as this treatment is seems is very toxtic to me and they want to see whats going on and then decide what the next step will be.
Whatever your choice I hope there are no serious side effects.

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Great news and I'm thrilled for you. Bert is currently on #3 and tolerating it very, very well. He was on just 5fu/leuc (drip & push) and it nearly did him in with diarrhea. But the leuc/oxal drip followed by 5fu infusion over 46 hours....so far, so good, and he's had 5 of them.

Discuss each with your onc and I'm sure that between you, something will be worked out. Again, congrats on such great news. Go celebrate.


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WOOHOO!! Way to go!

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