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Well today is the day for CAT scan results. I am nervous and so is hubby. He is praying for good results. After 3 treatments the cancer was 50% gone and we are hoping after 3 more we are now 100% gone! This post is a simple request for prayers from the wonderful people I have met on this board. Without you wonderful folks I would have been lost. Thank you in advance and I will let you know more today or tomorrow. God bless you all. Thanks :)

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Lisa Rose
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I'll be praying 100% today for you and your hubby,just know that we all care.

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You are in my prayers today! God bless.


Anonymous user (not verified)

Here comes a powerful dose of positive thinking and many prayers are on their way to you. God Bless.


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Always luv and huggies coming out of oz to you guys-we really do hope you can get a great result.Hoping you can return with the biggest smile you can muster.
"RAINBOWS" from kanga and Jen

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Sending prayers and hopeful thoughts your way! Judy

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Wish you lots of luck! I'll be in the same boat in about a month. My prayers are with you.

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Sending good thoughts your way; like Lance Armstrong; visualize the chemo as Pac-man, devouring
those little malignant buggers.. Bud

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