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What can nurses do to better help you?

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I am an RN student and I would like to know what the nurses who care for you could do to better help you? I'm anxious to get your feedback! Please reply!

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It is wonderful that you chose such a demanding and caring profession. I am new to dealing with cancer as my wife was just recently diagnosed. The nurses that we appreciated the most were the ones that listened to thier patients and made sure that they were comfortable. The ones that we did not care for were the ones that considered nursing just a job and didn't show compasion for thier patients. Good luck.

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I've been in for 5 major sugeries, only twice at the same hospital. The best nurses are the ones that show compassion for the patients. You would be amazed at the little things that can mean the most. One of the most memorable examples was after my 4th operation, the nurse on night shift asked me if there was anything she could do. I told her that I was hungry. All she could find was some raspberry sherbert. Well, all night she kept bringing me some. She also took time to listen to me if I wanted to talk. It ment the world to me. My wife does home healthcare and she is the exact same way, that's why she is in such high demand. Good luck and thank you for helping others.

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I am curently in remission with Hairy Cell Luekemia. When I went into the hospital all I knew was I had hemorages in the retina of both eyes ( from low platlet count). I did not know why and was extremely scared. The nurses took very good care of me and attempted to ease my concern. When I was told what I had I was alone (my wife had just stepped ouy for something to eat) and a was devistated, A very compasionate nures came in and held my hand and talked to me until my wife came back. I could tell the she really cared about me and it made a hige difference. While I was in the hospital teh nurses on the cancer floor were ALL fantastic. They were extremely understanding and compasionate. They made what was a life altering experience berable. The nurses at the clinic that I go to also care and the day I was pronounced cancer free they all celebrated with me. I short what you can do is CARE. If you don't and try to fake it the patient will know. All of the nurses that cared for me are angels and will surly be rewarded in the afterlife. If you do the above mentioned things the patients will be easier to handel. Remember that most difficult patients are just scared and don't understand what is happen to them.
I appologize for and typos as I still have not regained all of my vision.

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