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What can nurses do to better help you?

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I am an RN student and I would like to know what the nurses who care for you could do to better help you? I'm anxious to get your feedback! Please reply!

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Wow. I just looked at the date of your post. You're probably not a student anymore, but maybe the question is still valid?

I've not been through a huge amount of medical treatment, but I did to through brain surgery and successive radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The only issue I have had at all with my nurses, and this is very minor, is that they seem to be very limited by their specialty. What I mean is that the nurses in the radiation therapy office never seemed interested in just how my head was doing (scar healing post surgery). I mean, I know it's not directly related to their office's therapy, but they were the only nurses I was coming in regular (daily) contact with...do I really need to have my wife be the one to check my scar for proper healing and ingrown hairs?

Again, a minor point probably, but probably just comes with a bit of time on the job, not looking at the big picture.

Edward W
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If you are still watching this site or not I don't know. But for anyone who wants to know the answer to this question ? The answer is "Be pleasant". There is nothing as bad as being in the hospital and having a nurse be unpleasant.
Once when I was in a Dutch Army hospital (appendicitis) the original Nurse Ratched came in my room.and snarled at me.
So girls a little smile helps a long ways

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