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right side tonsil squamous cell carcinoma spread to one lymph node in right side neck stage 2-3

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Hello, I had my operation on 09-012-03 and followed with 35 radiation treatments ending 12-31-03. They removed the right tonsil and the l3 lymph nodes in my neck and throat area plus other tissue in the area. The operation was called a radical neck dissectomy. My throat and mouth are dry requiring me to carry a water bottle at all times. the 6-7 in scar area on my neck is very stiff and I feel inward pressure and some pain still. The radiation was done with a somewhat new technigue call IMRT. This means the radiation is more directed to the target areas and is suppose to spare to some degree the salvia glands. The jury is still out on that part. My right arm and shoulder are stiff and lack strength during certain movements and mobility in other reaching movements. I am told this is due to surgical effects to the spinal nerve cluster in the neck area. Iam being checked every 30 days to be sure there is no reoccurence.

My wife and I are both now eating only organic foods, are taking various herbs & herb teas and vitimins. I will gladly share the information on the natural items above if anyone is interested. I feel much better since we started the nutrition program.

I am going through the fear stage now that it might come back-but I realize one must have faith and stay posisitive.

I Would like to hear from others who have the same cancer history as to how they are doing and any suggestions/ideas/treatment options we may share on a mutual basis...

Thank you & stay well

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hello mick, I also had surgery of the tosil area including lower left jaw and base of my tounge. my surgery was done on 9/19/03 followed by 33 radiation treatments finishing on dec. 7 0r 8th.
they did what is called a pec-flap using my chest muscle to reconstruct the throat. not only do i have the surgical cut in the neck I also have a radical cut across half my chest to remove the muscle. Needless to say my left arm was almost totaly useless right after surgery. I have always been physical so this was a real bummer. I start really pushing the use of my arm, at first using my right arm to lift it, but I made myself use it. I can honestly say now I am lifting weights 3 nights a week and am able to bench press 75 pounds, 3 reps times 10. I can see muscle regenterating in my chest which is exciting, as it is filling in the void area. The stifness is still there some but is better everyday.
the dryness of the throat is there but tollerable.
My speach in not where I would like but is getting better.
This sure changed my life but I have many people around me supporting me. I am back to work 100% and energy level is much better.
if you need anyone to speak to don't hesitate to write. I do know what you are going through.
well speaking of work I need to get busy. You have a great day and God Bless.

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I went through 2 surgeries and 37 days of radiation treatments back in '92. I am still cancer free, speaking normally (I try real hard not to yell or holler, but sometimes I do), eating too well and living a normal life(God does exist and He is good!). The dry throat is normal, and will be for the rest of your life. It's funny to me, but I too had a growth on the right tonsil, about as big as the tip of my thumb. Fortunately, we caught it early enough that I did not have to have anything else but a "scrape" of the area and then I began my radiation treatments. Stick with the natural food and do the juice thing if you aren't doing it already. A friend of mine turned me on to apricot seeds, but they taste bad and can be toxic. If you have time, I would like to see what the natural items you take consist of. If I can help or encourage you in any way, please do not hesitate to let me know. I don't check my mail every day, but I will get back to you.

God bless you,


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In September of 1999, I also had cancer on the right side but it went into lymph nodes on the left side. They did a radical neck dissection on the left and cut some of the nerves. I do not have full movement of my left arm and have some numbness. They followed up with 63 radiation treatments which killed my salivaries. I did not have a peg and lost about 25lbs.

Now the good news, I eat anything I want (with water) and play tennis 3 times a week in 2 hr. sessions. I am 63 and feeling very well. I chew "Biotene Gum" during physical activity or when I am away from a water source. This really helps. I also do the juice, but not as much as I should.


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Hi GaryR,

My brother-in-law was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. It started in one of his tonsils, spread to his lymph nodes and salivary glands, and now they have found it in his larynx. He had surgery to remove part of it, but that was when they discovered the larynx spread. They want him to remove all his teeth on Friday,and then wait two weeks to start both Chemo and radiation at the same time.

Did you have radiation and chemotherapy? Were you considered stage 4? I am trying to give him as many options as possible before he submits to having all his teeth extracted. Any information would be more hopeful. Thank you!


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Sorry about your BIL....

This post from Gary is several years old... Actually I've been here since 2009, and don't ever remember him posting during my time.

On a positive note...

Myself and others have been diagnosed (Dx), treated and recovered from nearly the same as Gary.

I was Dx STGIII SCC Right Tonsil and a Lymhpnode on the same side (HPV+), back in January 2009.

I had the tonsils removed, nine weeks of chemo in three week cycles (Cisplatin, Taxotere and 5FU). Then an additional seven weeks of concurrent weekly chemo (Carboplatin), and 35 daily IMRT rads sessions.

That all ended in June 2009, and I have had clean scans since.

Several here have had very similar experiences....

I had no PEG (feeding tube), though many do and swear by them.

I also had no teeth pulled, though I know some that have all pulled before treatment, some having a few pulled, an others like myself with none pulled.

The SuperThread you mention has tons of excellent information on it...

I would recommend you starting a new thread and introducing yourself as you have above.

I'm sure in no time you'll have many welcomes and experiences to draw upon for your upcoming battle.


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I am new here.  I was diagnosed one week ago with Stage I SCC to the left tonsil; ENT Doctor who did the biopsy is not sure if the closest lymph node has cancer or is inflamed as its so close to the tonsil.  I saw the Oncologist this week who is meeting with my ENT Doc and the Radiation Speciaist to determine the plan of attack.

As you have been here for some time, any suggestions and advice when I meet the Oncologist to make sure they have considered all options?



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Sorry you had the need to find this forum but you will find it very helpful. You posted to a very old message. If you go to the top of discussion board, you can click to start a new posting and I'm certain you will get the response you are looking for. My first suggestion is to take another set of ears with you to your appt. and have them take notes. 


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Welcome Bob...

More than likely you will get the same treatment as many here..., chemo and rads, tonsils removed first...

If that's the case, more than likely they'll see what effect it has on the lymphnode. If it is cancer, there's a possibility it could even dissolve away, as mine did and a few others here...

Worse case, might be a neck dissection, where they go in and remove the lymphnodes and check them.

After all of that, more than likely they'll do scans to determine if all of the cancer was taken care of during your treatment...

Again, welcome...

You might want to start a new thread and introduce yourself..., and give their opinions and welcomes as well.



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Hi there, my dad has just been dianosed on stage 4 tonsil cancer and the doctor has recommended radiotherapy and surgery. we have heard much about the ill effects and are thinking about the gerson therapy. did u explore that? appreciate your thoughts. thanks

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Hi there, my dad has just been dianosed with stage 4 tonsil cancer and the doctor has recommended radiotherapy and surgery. we have heard much about the ill effects and are thinking about the gerson therapy. did u explore that? appreciate your thoughts. thanks

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This thread is very old...I think you'll get more responses if you post a new thread and ask your question.


PS...I'll have to look up the Gerson Therapy. Radiation and surgery (and possibly chemo) are the "norm" for tonsil cancer.

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