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Extreme Back Pain

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Hi, as many of you know I had ovarian cancer, surgery Jan03 and chemo through July03. I then dealt with 2 lymphoceles, that filled most of my abdomen. They would get so large that I looked pregnant - finally a drain was put in and twice a week they did chemical washes, November they pulled the drain... it was getting too risky.

Here is my problem now. I have have been dealing with back pain. Some days worse than others .... and I figured it was just part of the recovery process and on Feb 12 04 - told my Dr and he said it was probably just from pressure from the lymphoceles. On friday it gradually got worse and by saturday my husband had to help me up and down. We made a trip to the emergency room as the pain was so extreme it put me in tears everytime I tried to move. Unfortunately we went to the Princeton Hospital not the U and they filled me full of morphine... 3 shots of 4cc's to get it under control and sent me home with percocet. Well while under the morphine the pain was more tolerable but this morning I still can't get up or down or bend.... it is awful.

Has anyone ended up with a back problem? I feel like my back blew out. I told Randy maybe it's not connected to the cancer or lymphoceles and it is my vertabrae and nobody wants to check it out. I am going to start missing work again and can't really afford that. Please let me know if any of you have suffered this bad. It is in my lower back right in the center. Thanks Much BonnieRose

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Hi.... I to had to have the lymphnodes removed when I had my hystarectomy but they didn't put a drain in. I am having lots of lower back trouble too. It hurts to lay down, set,get up, even down in to my legs. I am retaining alot of fluid and my doc doesn't seem concrned about it but I notice when I had to take a steroid for a allergy I had that is flushed my entire system and most of the fluid I was retaining passed. My back felt much better i could tell such a difference. Just as soon as I started retaining fluid again my back has statred to bother me again really bad. I myself am wondering if the back pain has to do with the fluid retension.

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Hi Bonnie, I can tell you what my back pain is from. I have degenerative disk disease. My lumbar region (lower back) has been affected. It has gotten much worse after the chemo and tamoxifen that drains me of estrogen which in turn makes my bones brittle. You need to see a osteo doctor. He'll be able to help you.

Now, I'm not saying that you've got what I've got. Thought you could compare. One question I've got is, does the pain travel down the back of your legs to the bottom of your feel and do your toes tingle sometimes?


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Hi Bonnie,
I also have extreme back pain along with pain in my tail bone. I asked the doctor about it and he told me the surgery had alot to do with it and the cold tables in the operating room. Each time I went in for Chemo the sitting in the chair for 5 hours made the pain worse. I had my last Chemo on October 27-2003, I'm in remission but I still have the back and tail bone pain.

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