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questions for nasopharyngeal patients

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Hello, my dad was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal and finished chemo and radiation last May. It's almost a year and he still feels really tired and have a hard time eating. He refuses to eat anthing other than porridge and I'm afraid he's not getting the nutrients he need. Any suggestions and is it normal to still have such side effects a year later?


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Also had nasopharangeal cancer(stage III), and underwent chemo and radiation in 2002. Did your dad have a feeding tube? I did, and it probably saved my life. I still have dry mouth and have peripheral neuropathy in both feet, which the chemo doc says may or may not go away.

It is a lot easier to eat now, but have to have liquid to help wash it down. Tell him there is light at the end of the tunnel, even though that light can seem awfully faraway at times. Also get tired easily, and have been told am now anemic.
Stick with him and ask him to pray. Trust me, it helps. Days can get pretty dark, and prayer sure helped me a lot!

Let me know how he does.

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Sent a reply to your message. My name is Tom Alexander and my email address is mu4ever2000@yahoo.com.

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I was diagnosed with nasophryngeal cancer 10/02 and completed treatment (induction chemo followed by imrt radiation) in 3/03. It took me months to feel much relief. When I did feel somewhat better, I may have tried to get back to normal too fast, which has had its own problems. I would say that 10 months after treatment, a lack of energy and a continued desire for soft, moist foods seems within the zone of normal expectations for recovery.

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Hi John G,
I was diagnose with same type of cancer in 2002. Till this day I have dry mouth and boy do I miss humburger or any type of sandwiches. I will have a tiny bite and drink a lot of fluid to wash it down. I am used to that by now. I eat food with lots of sauce. Any soupy food and fish. I am tired occasionally. Check you thyroid. Sometime radiation may affect your thyroid and this cause tiredness. Look at it this way....we will be slim and won't be eating all the junk food. Take care and good luck.

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It's nice to know that we're all in the same boat. I am getting better; can put down the water bottle for awhile. I love egg custard. For protein, I eat soft scrambled eggs. Keep trying different moist foods. Read the labels. I do better with natural foods - no additives and especially no frucose. Regular sugar is fine-can't taste it, but it doesn't burn my mouth. I'm finally able to drink apple juice. As for hamburgers - if you have In-N-Out burger in your city; ask for protein style with extra sauce. That's without the bun.
Another favorite - sukiyaki - lots of vegetables, broth, tofu, and slippery, non-starchy noodles made from yam.
It's been 15 months after my radiation and chemo and my eating has not returned to normal; but I try different things and I'm finding more foods that I can tolerate. I just discovered frozen dinners - salisbury steak - very tender, with lots of gravy. We all have different after-effects, so what works for me may not work for you. But, I've discovered that some of those low carb Lean Cuisines are tolerable.

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i am 58 years old, had treatment 2 years and 4 months ago, never regained my ability to eat.. Your dad is lucky if he gets porridge down, But he does need more then that, I am surprizied his doctors aren't making him use a tube.. It is really important to get nutrition. and water, our bodies have such a time as it is.. and mentally this treatment beats you up.. It's hard to be happy when you just don't feel right.. The radiation changes the taste, the ability to do normal things.. So unless your dad talks , and shares, you have to guess, but i would consider going to the doctors with him, I have to see my cancer doctor every 4 months for scans and tests, blood work, so maybe you can help by being there...... (just an idea. ) Good luck to you...... i just found and joined this group or I would have emailed sooner.... I am anemic, take 3 teaspoons of iron a day, also have a very low blood pressure.. side-effects are going to be with us, no way out, the treatment was brutel to get the cancer.. The very last thing i could eat was .. (Lipton's cup of soup cream of chicken) in January of 2005. ) that was my last meal, the radiation damaged me , and i live with the feeding tube.. I had a hard time coming to terms with what i had to give up, meat ball subs, thanksgiving meals, i love chocolate. But the other side is i get to LIVE.. I AM ALIVE.......

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Why couldn't you eat? can't chew and swallow? Wow, it's been two year and 4 months and never regained your ability to eat. What happened?

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Hello sir I am a 58 year old male, that received treatment 6 years ago the 15th of this month. i would like to chat with you, e-mail me or let me know and i will you. but yes I also have not had food for over 5 1/2 years, but i am lucky i take ensure my mouth no food-food. Zig

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