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No Energy

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Hello Again Everyone. I just can't stay away from y'all. How blessed I am to have found a group of such wonderful, caring, and helpful folks.

Okay, I've got yet more questions (sorry). As I mentioned earlier, my Dad finished his first round of FOLFOX today. Yesterday he was okay except for some stomach issues, but today he is feeling extremely tired and drained. I was hoping to take him to dinner tonight, but he was just to exhausted to go. Any idea how long this will last? I'm hoping to hear it is temporary, and will last only a day or two. I'm hoping he won't feel like this the entire 6 months. (His treatments will be 12 days apart). He's a busy- body, and I hate to see him feeling down like this.

Also, he didn't sleep well the two nights he had the infusions, and said that he had weird and crazy dreams. Anyone else experienced this?

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for being there for me. Hope you have a blessed day...


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Hi Michele,
When I had my treatment I would be down for the count for the first 3 days, then gradually come back to normal, by day 5 or 6 I was OK. So pretty much every other week I was my normal self. The "fog" just kind of mysteriously fades away and you realize you're starting to feel better. Once your Dad has more treatments, he may notice more of a routine of when to expect certain things. I had trouble getting to sleep sometimes during treatment week, but after that it was fine. I would listen to relaxing music on headphones to help me fall asleep. He should be able to still keep busy when he feels well, just don't over do it.
I hope this has been helpful. And remember......all of this is only temporary.
Take care,

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Too kind Michelle---I guess it is in our worst situations we realise that we are only here in this life once--so I guess sometimes we find out too late that we "should have spread the love" long ago.
My treatment left me fatigued and weak 1 1/2 weeks after each treatment which gave me 1 1/2 weeks of reasonable wellness before the next session--all are affected differently.Hopefully your dad will find he is able to recognise the periods when he will be at his best and plan his life to suit his "best" days.
Sleep---mmmm--I had very bad sleep sessions and asked for meds to give me some good nights.Sometimes I refused to take the meds. and just put up with reading/ watching tv/videos then slept whenever I could.That was ok for me as I am retired from work.I did have some wierd dreams and the onc. said this is common--especially with lack of sleep and if in a depressed state.Tell dad he is not alone.He must tell his onc. ALL things he is concerned about--even trivial things--there are a lot of wierd feelings involved here and are not unusual--there are meds. to help Michelle.
Carolyn is right, most effects settle down and can become predictable!
ie;--I can predict the 48 hour diarrhea bout almost to the day.
Give dad kangas best.
luv n hugs kanga n Jen

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I am on a different treatment than your dad, but I stay fatigued daily. I do 6 weeks on treatment and 2 weeks off. I do get somewhat better during the 2 weeks off but it creeps back in when I go back on. The most important thing, I think , is that you make sure your dad rests when he feels drained. He also must keep his nutrition in check even if that means drinking some kinda food supplement drink ( you can doctor those up to taste a little better). And when he feels better and feels like doing things, make sure he doesn't over do it. That's the problem I get in to , I get so busy trying to do everything at once that I end up in the bed for 2 days just because I over did it. It's a learning process. Keep hanging on , I know this may not help alot, but maybe it will help some.

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