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Oxaliplatin _ side effects

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To Everyone who has replied to my message.

Thank you. I guess you should know that my mother has passed on January 24th. The doctors, during autopsy, declared that unfortunately, the oxioplatin was feeding her cancer instead of stopping it. We are in the greiving process and although I know noboby could have predicted the outcome of this, I am truly upset with the doctor as well as with the Canadian Cancer Society for forcing my mother to take this drug. Perhaps if she would not of taking this drug, she could of seen my little sister graduate, my brother get married and my sisters first child being born all of which are going to happen this summer.

I hate that I feel so much anger, I know that it is better this way ( she doesn't have to suffer anymore, but what about us? Can you beleive that the doctors wanted to use her organs to further explore why the drug fed her cancer. Of course we refused to allow him to touch her, its bad enough that she was truly forced into taking a drug which to me is almost like murder. I know that we, as humans can learn by our mistakes, and only with experiments are we going to find the cure which who knows, may help myself or my children some day, but come on, when a family is greiving, it seems to me that the doctor who made her take this drug, should , for his own safety, stay away from the greiving family for awahile after they are told that the drug they forced on their loved one, was proven to have killed them even faster.

I am truly sorry that I seem so rude, I just cant seem to stop thinking of the day the doctor told my mother that if she did not take the oxaliplatin, she would be admitted and would not be able to see her 6 children and husband during the holidays ( which of course made her take the drug). I miss her so much and nothing will ever bring her back to me, my dad, my siblings or to my children.

Anyway, thank you for your replies to my my original message and please take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Please cherish every moment in life because tommorow may be to late.

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