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Daddy's 1st Round Chemo - Completed

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Joined: Jan 2004

Daddy finished his first round of FOLFOX! Yea!! He seemed to tolerate pretty well, although, his stomach was bothering him last night, and today he said that he's really tired. If he feels up to I'm going to take him to dinner tonight.

Thank you all for your responses, and compassion. It means the world.

Sponge Bob, I'm going to try and get Daddy (John) on the computer this weekend.

God Bless.

Atlanta, GA

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good for your dad. The first one was the hardest for me hope he does well on the rest of his treatments.Good luck and God bless you and your dad.


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Glad to hear everything went well. One down and eleven to go! You're doing the right thing by just being there for your Dad.
Take care,

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Hi John and Michele,

Just wanted to say that's fabulous news. Keep up the good work and hard fight John and take care of yourself Michele. Keep us posted!


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Ahoy, Michele & John (daddy) -

Great news. I found that as I did chemo it had less and less side effects. Hope that's the same for you, John. BTW, you've got a dandy daughter there - I'm sure you're quite proud.

Best regards and looking forward to more posts.

- SpongeBob

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