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Well to our surprise I spent all evening in the ER with my aunt. She ended up with a kidney infection. As for her follow up today, her doctor gaves us some uplifting news. Another cancer medication has just been approved and he wants to try her on it. The thing is that her insurance won't cover it, but the Dr said he is going to see if the manufacture of the product will donate the medication. Wish us luck!!! All of you said not to give up, you just might be right....Thanks again for the replies, they are appreciated so much!



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    Good luck, hope everything works out for your aunt.
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    cmcl said:

    Good luck, hope everything works out for your aunt.

    All the best from oz tattoos--give your aunt a hug from us.
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    Hey, Terri -

    Good news. Glad to hear things are looking up.

    Best regards

    - SB
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    Wonderful. Good Luck and keep thinking those positive thoughts. You will prevail.
  • Good News!!!!! Give our best to your aunt and chin up, okay.