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Hello, New to site

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Dx with OVCA 3A Dec 2003, on third chemo Taxo/Carbo. I have two questions after my first chemo my hair started coming out but I have not lost all my hair, is this normal for some? I have lower back pain that won't go away. I have used cold and hot pads but nothing seems to help.
Thanks and God Bless

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I'm sorry you have to go through this! Sorry we ALL have/had to.

I was dx Stage 1C in April 2001. Did the tax/carbo chemo for 6 cycles. My hair started coming out after the 1st treatment. Following this, I had my husband shave my head because I couldn't stand patchy hair full of dumb looking tufts. I went au natural as a cue ball during the rest of treatment until my hair started coming back in -- no wigs or scarves. Wore hats outdoors to keep from getting a sun burned head. I felt much better with the shaved head! It kind of looks cool. I was a hair slave before that...had long hair which I cut/colored/fussed with every 5 weeks religiously. It was freeing to be done with all that...it really was. Since treatment, I've kept my hair super short (a la Mia Farrow from the 70s) and I love it. Don't know why I didn't do it all those years ago.

As for lower back pain, I had it big time...and still do. I had two surgeries about a year apart (ovary removal during cancer discovery) and then a full hysterectomy. My stomach muscles are shot and I got a herniated disc. Your back could also be sore from lack of excercize and being confined to bed (?) Did you have surgery prior to starting chemo? Hot baths, followed by light/easy stretching helped me a lot. I also had regular massages, including foot reflexology, all during my chemo. This helped more than anything. If you can do it, I strongly recommend it.

You've found your way to a great site. Lots of amazing women -- lean on us and ask lots of questions.

Best wishes,

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Hello, yes you will lose all your hair. I actually cut mine off too. Just better and easier and now have left mine short. I had back pain and terrible joint pain. Felt like I was over 100 years old. But kept moving and going for walks. Also took bcomplex and L-glutamine. Really made a difference. The others have given lots of good advice. And know we are all here for you. I'll lift you in prayer daily. Take Care Bonnie

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Hi Jansbear, welcome! I cut off my hair and shaved my head after my first chemo. It was a little longer than shoulder length, and it was getting into everything (the spaghetti was the last straw)! It was also in October, and this is not a place that you don't want to have something on your head when you're bald, so I wore a wig and hats almost all the time. I have a lot more appreciation for bald guys now.

I have a friend who also had OVCA and chemo, and she didn't lose all her hair, but she did shave it once when she started having it fall out. (She wore a wig and hats, too).

I had some lower back pain, too, but it was attributed to the surgery and recuperation from it by my docs. You may want to start exercising when your docs say it's all right, but not before! Be sure to ask! I started bowling about 6 weeks after my surgery (with my ob/gyn's permission), and it really felt odd, but good to get active again.

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Wow! Everyone said basically everything I was thinking! Anyway, I also had a few 'strands' of hair that just wouldn't budge - finally had it buzzed off. Wore wigs to work, hats, turbans and scarves and sometimes nothing at home. Don't recall any back pain, but the earlier recommendations are great. I continue (since March 2000) to exercise regularly, I have a sound nutritional program, and keep the Faith! My prayers are with you. Please let us know how things are going.

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Hello I'm new also and Just finished my 3rd. When my hair started coming out I had a hard time with that and othere said they had just went ahead and shaved so thats what my husband did we are on the same regiman. Would love to talk more I also have back pain have a hard time riding. Hope everything goes well. God bless You Too Jan Q

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sorry about your diagnosis, i am 3b, my hair started to fall out after 14 days by 17 i had my hair shaved. now 2 months after treatment i have brows lashes and a gi jane hair cut, don"t sweatthesmall stuff it does grow back, stay busy and time flys by. Your questions and feelings are very normal, as well as the loss of hair due to the taxol. I also have the back pain but am waiting for my next check up.

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