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update on lung cancer

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Hi well the confromed it yesterday that i do have lung cancer.they are also see a spot on both rig cages and spots on the lymphnoied in the neck.We are hoping to start chemo this Friday 2-20-04 .I asked the doc what stage and he said stage four not really sure what that means not sure if that is real bad or just average if anyone could fill me in i would appreciate it.Thanks Bunnie(amy)

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hi bunnie. I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis. But the one thing you need to hold on to, is it's not an automatic death sentence. There are treatments now. I was diagnosed with NSCLC stage IIIB 5/31/01. I went through 7 weeks of chemo and radiation then a complete pnemonectomy of my left lung and lymph nodes. I had complications from my surgery, a condition called ARDS(too lenthy to explain here). I was 35 years old when diagnosed and resighned myself to my life being over. But I'm still here!!!! The stages I believe refers to the size of your tumor and the A or B is if it has spread elsewhere in my case the lymph nodes,. I may be incorrect but you need to ask you Dr. to be open in helping you understand your disease. Have faith and stay strong. Prayers are with you.

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Having gone from working full time and feeling fine except for a hacking cough that came and went for years...doctors diagnosed me with acid reflux, post nasal drip, indigestion, hear burn, stress, etc. Finally somone sent me for a lung scan and that's when all these problems came about and went for more scans. Come to find out I was diagnosed in the less 2% chance of surviving the next 5 years. Unfortunately my spouse passed away 4 years ago at the age of 47 and it's me and a 14 year old boy who I think is confused. I've had a round of radiation for the brain because they have found numerous small tumors there. I've had abdoman scans, lung scans, MRI, etc. to find out where all these tumors are. They're pretty much everywhere. The round of radation left me without hair. I was on a trial test with a medication called thalidomide, but had a reaction to it so I have to drop out of the trial. The med was supposed to be a breakthrough, but now I have to rely on the chemo. My next round of chemo is next week, but so far the doctors are positive that what is going on with my blood counts look good. But, doctors do have to be optimistic. Chat later when I have some more energy. Nice to chat with someone. Keep a diary and bring it with you to the doctors so you don't forget to ask questions and tell them how you're feeling every. I write my questions on this pad so I don'g forget. Sometimes meds will make you feel more awful, let your doctor know...as I said they starting to cut me back because I probably don't need to keep taking them or they could be causing some of my problems. Keep in touch.

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Fear and confusion is a huge part of cancer. Ask questions and demand answers. And remember you are NOT a statistic you are bunnie! Good luck on your treatments and never give up your faith of healing ..

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Hi Bunnie,
I had modified mascetomy for breast cancer 2yrs ago, now I have cancer in both lungs and lymph nodes. Because of the spread no surgery or radiation is required. No cure just hopes of slowing it down or remission. I have taken my 3rd chemo. I am responding so I will have a ct scan done to see what's what. Hopefully it will look like it's stopping it. There is hope at the end of the tunnel. Me myself I don't think I would like radiation. I was glad I didn't have to have it and of course that don't mean down the road sometime the dr says I need it of course, I would do anything to try. Don't give up, there is hope.
I'm 47yrs old and consider myself still young.
hang in there,

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