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farrah, i'd be angry too. it is sad when you know something is just not right with your own body and the docs act like your a hypochondriac. i am a breast cancer survivor (it has not been 2 years yet since the first surgery) who has been having aches and pains that have begun to scare me. they are not constant but they come and visit me what seems to be more and more frequently. i've had a ct scan which only showed a 2.9 cm cyst on my one ovary .... the opposite side from where the uncomfortableness is. an ultrasound showed what might possibly be a partial blockage in a pancreas duct. i'm now waiting 6 weeks (4 weeks now) to be retested. can you tell me what the symptoms of pancreatic cancer are? once you've had cancer, every little thing that occurs in your body, you question. it is a horrible way to live, being scared of a reoccurrence that won't get picked up by the doctors. oh, did i mention i work for a medical malpractice law firm? thank god i know what i know .... the first radiologist that saw calcifications on a routine mamo told me they were benign and to come back in 6 months. my lawyers told me not to wait, to go see someone else. i went to hopkins and within 2 weeks of being told to wait 6 months i found i had invasive breast cancer....the kind that if i had waited the 6 months would have taken off and flown elsewhere. i am so very sorry for your loss farrah. you need to complain ..... i filed a complaint with the state board of physicians. i do not want money. i want things to get better for my kids and their kids. there are government organizations that evaluate cases like this and try to make things better. when you file a complaint with them, they analyze your case ... it has nothing to do with suing or getting money but it has everything to do with "fixing" things that are wrong. when a doctor is wrong he needs to answer for his mistakes the same as we do for ours in our workplace. i know they are not "god" but they are supposed to take care of people and not let things like this happen. feel free to write to me for any kind of encouragement you may need. my email is sunny_skye@hotmail.com

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