Mantel Cell Lymphoma

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My Mum who is 57 has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 Mantel Cell Lymphoma (NHL). Her Oncologist has recommended starting with CHOP but isn't very optimistic. Does anyone else know of any other treatments or trials that might be worth considering? I would appreciate hearing from any Mantel Cell Lymphoma survivors as I am trying to support my Mum as much as possible in the decisions she will have to make very soon. Jacq - Melbourne Australia.


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    My Mom has a different type of NHL and she underwent fludarabine and mitoxantrone chemo.If your onc doesn't sound hopeful seek a second opinion from one who is.Best of luck to you and your mom.Don't give up hope!!
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    Mantel Cell

    I was diagnosed last December and next week is my 6th and last chemo.  Then in June I have the stem cell transplant. I'm being treated at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. 


    Thank you for all your information. I've found it very comforting. 

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