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Fallopian tube cancer

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My sister, 42, was diagnosed with Fallopian tube cancer about one and a half years ago. She went through a surgery (total hysterectomy) follwed by chemo. But unfortunately the cancer has returned just after a year from her last chemo.
The doctors do not have much experience with this type of cancer as it is very rare. She is now going through another round of chemo and surgery.
I am just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this type of cancer or has any success story to share.

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I'm sorry to hear that your sister had a recurrence of fallopian tube cancer...I sent you an email and hope you will be checking back to this site to read it.
I am in NY and can give you the name of my gynecologic oncologist, etc. What I have learned about fallopian tube cancer is that, since it is so rare, it is treated just like ovarian cancer.
I would really like to hear how your sister is doing!

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Hi Diana,
Thank you for your response.
My sister is going to have her operation tomorrow. We are hoping for the best.

I did not get your email, but sent you another email with a different email account so if you can kindly send me a note to that address I appreciate it.


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Hello, Im sorry to hear that your sister has cancer. Yes, I know, my mother has this terrible cancer. We reside in Arizona. My mom was diagnosed with it 3 years ago. She has had multiple surgeries. Chemo is not working for her, and now she has blockages, where she cannot digest her food. She is pretty much on liquid foods. She is in constant pain, and vomits all the time. I'll pray for your sister, you know everyone is different, but yes I agree this cancer is rare and its very stubborn.

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Hi..........I need some info about FALLOPIAN TUBE CANCER.I would like to meet some survivors.

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Hi, I, unfortunately, seem to be a pro on fallopian tube cancer. I was first diagnosed in December of 2001 and have just begun chemo for my 3rd recurrence. Is this something you have been diagnosed with? It is very rare and treated as ovarian cancer. Please let me know if there is any information that I may be able to give you and and hopefully you can give me. It truly helps to be able to talk with someone who can relate. Judy

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Hi Judy,
My mom was dx last week and is scheduled next week of a hysterectomy. Any advice? We are truly scared but have a positive outlook. It is hard since this cancer is so rare. Did you start chemo right away? Keep up your fight and you and everyone on this site will be in my prayers. Are there any questions I should be asking the doctor???Thanks

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My mom, who is 58, was diagnosed with this cancer 2 weeks ago. She has since had surgery and had a full hysterectomy, gall bladder, fatty tissue, and lymph nodes removed (she is in stage 3). She was to start Chemo 2 days ago but has an infection from her surgery which has caused a delay. She will now start next week. To make matters worse, we had a big wind storm monday which blew a large pine tree onto their home. My mom, God love her, remains in great spirits and is very optomistic. I worry about the road ahead, her being sick and in pain. I can't imagine any kind of life w/o her in it and hope, God willing, she can beat this and live a long, healthy life. These women are so brave :0) I would like her to find support through others dealing with this cancer. Being so rare, we really don't know very much. With her already in stage 3, what is her success rate? Any info would be appreciated. Although, I know God can and does perform miracles.....

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Hi Judy, my mom was dxs with fallopian tube cancer 4 weeks ago, she already had total hysterectomy and removal of some colon (tumor was attached to colon too. I am just looking for any advice, it looks like you are fighting it for almost 7 year. Mom is going to have 6 chemo treatments. anything else we need to do, what about diet or essiac tea.

Thank you

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