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Belated Happy Valentine's Day

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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy heart's day! What did yall do? I was busy stretching my stitches, he he... No, no, just kidding. Alas, I had a much quiter Valentine's Day than I would have liked but it was still filled with love. I saw "50 First Dates"... I thought it was excellent but last time I recommended a movie, it didn't go over so well... (he,he). Anyways, just wanted to let you all know that I'm thinking of you and sending out warm thoughts. Nanuk and Pattie, I hope you guys are feeling better.

Lots of love,

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same to you-Nanuk watched "The Postman" w Kevin Cosner (sp) so I must be feeling better.. also got a few kissy hugs from cyber space..

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You mean they celebrate Valentine's Day in Canada, too? Cool... next thing you're gonna tell me is that you have a fourth of July!

HAPPY VD (hmm... that didn't really come out right...) Happy Valentine's Day!

- SB

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Thanks andrea
Had a very quite day this is my good week everyday I feel better until but come Monday it starts all over again lol This is the week I have to try and eat more to replace the weight I lost last week, but I'm not being very successful with it.

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Personal HAPPY VALENTINES for you Andrea!
While I am at it --happy easter n xmas--just in case I forget--he he.
Hey Bud, I reckon I could match it with Kevin Costner--I was postie for 30+years!

luv to all guys, kanga n Jen

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Hi Andrea and a Happy belated Valentine's Day to you too. I got gorgeous flowers (roses of course) from hubby and very unexpectedly, my son drops by late in the day with the most beautiful floral bouquet that I have had the pleasure of receiving in a long, long time. He was so sweet...he said that he figured Valentine's Day was as good as any day to cheer me up and he sure succeeded. Gosh, I love that kid....I've got to stop calling him that...he's 27 and must start referring to him as a young man. He hates when I call him my baby, but hey, that's what he'll always be...my baby.

Cuddled on the couch with Bert, we watched One Hour Photo with Robin Williams. Good flick...I love a good suspense thriller. Obviously not suspenseful enough for Bert. Within a few minutes of the moving starting, he zoned out on me...snored like a bull. I just let him sleep and enjoyed his snoring along with the movie.


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