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Chemo update; a fourth of the way there!

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Hi all,
Good news! I finished the first 6 chemo treatments last week; had this Friday off, and have a week's leave from work before round number 2. Hubby and I had a quick visit to Cape Cod this weekend...beautiful, but brrrr (at least it was above zero!)
So far, things have gone OK. Occasional diarrhea, which sips of Pepto bismol or doses of Imodium stop. I began using Metamucil twice a day, and the last 2 weeks have been better. My weight is holding, but I find dairy and chocolate (my weakness) start things up again. It is nice to be able to eat whatever else strikes my fancy.

Tomorrow I am having an access port inserted; I've had a local skin reaction on my left hand and wrist, and the veins on my right hand can't take it any more!
Fatigue is primary problem now; naps are a must!
Thanks to all of you for your support and answers to my questions and postings; I have found so much here that is helpful and inspiring. Regards to all, Judy

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Hi Judy,
I am happy to hear that you are doing well. Hope the trip was fun. Reading what everyone has to go through is helping me understand what my wife is either going through or might have to do. The upbeat attitude of everyone is inspiring.

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Congratulaions on your 4th of the way there. I haven't been given any specifics. They just keep telling me to come back. I love my port. You will too. Doesn't hurt to access and easy to care for.


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Great to hear that things are going OK and you've been able to enjoy some time away.

I'll second Michelle's comment about her port. I love mine also.

Best wishes for continued smooth sailing.


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How come everyone but me gets an access port? I got stuck in every vein from the back of my hand all the way up my arm. They wer rockin' and rollin' and still no permanent port. During one session the needle worked its way out and that million dollar infusion seeped into the tissues. I still have knots under the skin.

Congratulations are in order, Judy. Just slide down the backside of that hill and you are home freeeeeee!

Get some rest.

Aspaysia who is very jealous of y'all.

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hey Judy, here's a toast-(Gatorade) to you, and happy port insertion-you will like it. Naps are good too..keep them down to 12 hrs or less so you don't miss too much.. I'll let you know if I find chocolate with immodium centers.. Best wishes, Bud

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Ahoy, Judy -

Way to go! Good news about the port. Being a stubborn old sailor I wouldn't let 'em put one in me. It was a matter of principle. Although when they had to dig in excess of an hour once a week, I started to regret my "bold" (read as "not so smart") decision!

Keep up the good work and enjoy those naps! I used to hit a wall around 1 pm at work. Nothing more embarrassing than to have someone walk into your office and there you are snoring away with drool running down your chin! Ahhh... the goood old days NOT!

- SB

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Hey Judy
For my first time around on chemo my onc for some reason didn't want me to have a port put in and as you know those veins don't hold up very good my nurses couldn't understand why but I perserved and cried alot, when they decided I should have rads with 5FU thats when they put the port in and I want to tell you it has been a life saver mentally and physically talk to your onc and see what he says you may have to demand one.

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Go Judy, Go! Great to hear you are happier------gee--how do you get them port things--my viens are black n blue and the backs of my hand look like the "black stump"(burnt out 'ol tree outback here in OZ--he he)
And when they miss a vien there sure is a lot of tissue doin' some complaining!Then they pull the canula then try and find another site!
(some of the nurses I think were practicing for their acupuncture certificate!)

Say off the choccies Judy!
hugs n hugs--kanga n Jen

Anonymous user (not verified)

Good for you Judy. I'm so glad to hear that you've tolerated chemo well and I just know you will continue to do so. Let there be only blue skies and clear sailing (I think I got that right...right Sponger) from here on out. Take this much needed break and totally enjoy.

Bert loves his port. Mom never got one either and her veins are shot. If she goes on more chemo, she'll have no choice but seeing how easy it is for Bert, definitely convinced her that's the way to go.

Keep it up and I'm so happy for you.


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Judy, Hang in there. I had a medi-port and it was GREAT. They did all the blood work from it and when I went to have my check up colonoscopy (after chemo was finished) they used the medi-port for administering the "knockout" stuff. Good luck.

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